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    Does anyone know the title for the ending theme to Flashback? I've beaten it on two consoles and I believe its the same song. Been looking for it for a while. And perhaps a place where I can nab it?
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    Sewer Shark

    Actually I forgot this for several years but jumping around the forums jogged my memory again. Quite a while back when I still had my original sewer shark game, I got bored and checked out some of the audio files in the systems cd player. Now, its a bit weird but if you listen closely to one of...
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    Fav game music (Lets keep this post going!)

    I've seen more than enough posts made on the top ten greatest games and all that. But I think a big part of games are its music and the moods it can create. I've heard a lot of impressive scores over time and I'd like to know what everyones, oh say, top 5 favorite game songs/bits of music are...
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    Panzer dragoon

    I'm a big fan of the Panzer dragoon series (Still workin on beating saga) and its music. Does anyone know if there were soundtracks created for any of those games? I'd really like to get ahold of one or find some audio files from the game. I'm looking for the begining fmv music from saga (Where...
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    Noisy Dreamcast

    Just been thinking about this for a while. Everyone knows that for the most part the Dreamcast is insanely loud when the laser is moving around to read different parts of the cd. Well I have a second DC (Just as noisy) and I'd be willing to tinker with it and silence the problem finally if...
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    Hiya everybody, I'm new around here and I just thought I'd say hello. This seems like a pretty decent community and I look forward to begging for all your help on various matters hehehe. As well as learning enough to give my own. Its tempting to sit here and write some big dramatic greeting but...
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    I can't quite get Snatcher to run smoothly when playing it from a burned cd. Though when playing it as an image (Using Daemon tools) It runs perfectly. I'm assuming its in the way that I burned it. I used Nero at 4x on mode 1 I believe. I have the ISO and edited wavs and burned it all using the...