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    How old is SX ?

    Wow, SegaXtreme still alive! Just "found" my Saturn on a dusty drawer, hooked it up for a round of sega rally, best racing sim ever Nice to know that SX is still active in this new decade
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    Official Swap Trick Support Thread

    Pusheadmetal, if you can only boot a backup cd with its own original.. you're doing something wrong...(that would make the swap trick useless wouldn't it? :)) try this swap method, i've found it to be much easier... 1- Insert backup CD and Power ON Saturn. 2- Let the saturn power up, it will...
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    hi there again.. i'm back :p

    Hey ppl, I've been away from these great forums for a long time... (2years?) I see new there's some new stuff around here, glad to see there are some very nice homebrew projects available :) keep up the good work!! well, I'll try to catch up.. and continue trying to help with tech questions as...
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    Swap trick problems

    I think that may be caused by patching raw image files, as ecc/edc codes aren't changed accordingly, and then burners "correct" the country code back to its original state. I noticed this with a burner I had. As for the swap trick, try using the method described, power on the...
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    Happy Birthday!

    Hey! thanks a lot :) Btw, yes I still remember SX :P I've been away for some time, working hard on my studies.. eheh. "Hi" to everyone here!
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    Converting PAL to NTSC

    Not exactly, the TV is receiving PAL60 signal.. the same happens if you take a NTSC(60) and use a switch for 50, you end up with NTSC50 not PAL. :)
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    Can I ask for Girigiri here?

    Don't even bother looking for it... get a real saturn :) they're pretty cheap nowadays.
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    shining force 3 pal to ntsc

    I really think it isn't optimized, so you should have no problems...
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    p2p and Firewalls

    you're right on that one :) that's why I don't connect any of my windows machines directly to the internet, i either use some hardware router or a linux-based one :D Back on topic... DMZ is an easy way to solve your problems, and for some _stupid_ apps, unfortunately it's the only choice...
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    p2p and Firewalls

    Forwarding ports is always a better (safe) solution, even if you need to forward many ports... having a windows machine on DMZ is not good.. Firewalls are *good* but you end up allowing some processes to listen on some ports, and as everyone knows, every listening process is a threat, windows'...
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    Between Sega's Two main Studios...

    Between Sega's Two main Studios... Don't forget to count AM2's Sega Rally! :)
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    Favorite Street Fighter?

    Alpha/Zero 2 rules! :D
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    First Doom 3 review is out!

    yes, it will :P
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    Team Cassini

    I must be missing something... you dissassembled it, and now you call it the full source? :o That is *really* useful for any developer...
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    Which of these SX members is your favorite?

    lol, someone give him more posts, or he will spam about it till he gets the same post count :P
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    A new hacked Girigiri ?

    Really strange indeed... :unsure:
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    Saturn Internal Ram Messed UP

    OMFG :blink: :o :huh
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    It's a pretty common game... at least here in europe...
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    Opinion: Best 3d Fighter

    :agree But i voted for vf2 :thumbs-up:
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    Should I Get a Playstation?

    Is everyone voting yes, so that we can see more 'how can i damage my psx' polls? :P