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    Genesis Emulator For Saturn?

    Is there a Genesis emulator that can run on a Sega Saturn? Sonic Jam runs 4 particular Genesis games on the Saturn so this is theoretically possible, but I haven't found anything about such an emulator online. Is there one?
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    Trouble Playing Imports

    I've successfully modded my Saturn, and I also got the AR 4M Plus cartridge. Nearly every backup I've tried to play has worked perfectly. However, I tried playing Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter (J) and it won't boot. The AR menu boots up, I go to start game without codes, and I get the...
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    Saturn 1:1 Burns Not Possible?

    I'm relatively new to Saturn tech (though I am quite familiar with many of the games.) I just got one and started looking into playing backups. I figured that due to the age of the system, by now it would be possible to burn 1:1 copies of games playable without needing a modchip. This still...
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    Some Saturn Questions

    I just got a Sega Saturn off ebay. The idiot seller just shipped the thing loose in a box, no peanuts, no bubble rap, no shredded newspaper/tissue paper/etc. nothing but the box and saturn stuff. All he gave me was the system, power cord, & AV cord. No controllers. The ebay listing said he...