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  1. Artemio Urbina

    MDFourier: An audio analysis tool for comparing Mega Drive/Genesis audio

    I've busy for the last few months with this project that is game preservation related. I am excited to hear what you guys think, and which results you get from it. Here is a small description of what it is: MDFourier is an open source software solution created to compare audio signatures...
  2. Artemio Urbina

    Snatcher Sample Test Disc at 98%

    All the details are there under the Information and comparative link. Please tell me what you think and if you can help. I can at least tell that the text didn't change a single bit, but the amount of different bytes on the file is roughly 600 kb.... too much to be nothing at all. Sample Disc...
  3. Artemio Urbina

    Sega Sammy new logo

    Apparently the new logo for the company has been defined:
  4. Artemio Urbina

    Tototek Flash Cart Save Game

    I have not tested that much games that have a save feature, as a matter of fact I only tried Phantasy Star II, and it wouldn't work. DO you guys know which games do work or which don't?
  5. Artemio Urbina

    Seha Saturn Policenauts Text dump

    Jello... Last night I almost finished dumping the Policenauts text.. only problem is that almost is the full Arabic text, Hiragana, a couple of garbled katakanas and NO kanjis... they became a bit elusive. If you think you can help, please visit The info is under the status...
  6. Artemio Urbina

    EGM Issue #2 pics

    Soul asked for these a while ago, but I decided to make them public. I know it is image intensive.... so I made only two available diurectly here and the others are links. I won-t be hosting these for too long, but here they are: Contents Sega Genesis Preview TG-16 Preview Suupre Famicom...
  7. Artemio Urbina

    New location of development files

    Here you go: Compiler and tools courtesy of Jarod CANAL
  8. Artemio Urbina

    Metal Gear Solid 2 Essay

    Well, this is something I wanted to do for a while. if you haven't finished the game, it is not a recommended read though since there are a lot of spoilers. Otherwise, please take the time to read it and give some feedback. It deals with a lot of themes from genetics to AI, in a natural...
  9. Artemio Urbina

    What do you do?

    I just have a bit of free time, and was wondering... What do you guys and girls do in real life? I work for a Software development company centered on Broadcast systems (TV Broadcast). Studied Computer Science.
  10. Artemio Urbina

    Save Games Archive

    I was playing MKR on my Sat yesterday (remembering that I had all the jewels and had the great idea to save just before finghting the final boss and only got the extras up to the Black Diary at the rainbow shop) and wondered... Is there any site with Saturn savegames actually FULLy working? I...
  11. Artemio Urbina

    3d model+Sprites & Controller code available

    3d model+Sprites & Controller code available I've uploaded what is meant to be the game I was starting to code for the Sat. I have no time left for it, and I have had the intention to release it's source from long ago. It has a 3d model created in softimage that you can rotate and scale, and...
  12. Artemio Urbina

    Psy-Q compiler for Saturn

    I didn't know about this compiler, nor the rest of the tools they provide. It is for the Sega Saturn, and has different libraries. I have not tested it yet. I was pointed to these resources by a very nuce guy named Jarod CANAL . Maybe they could be of very good use to use =)...
  13. Artemio Urbina

    Lunar Text dumps

    OK, all Lunar fans =) I released the text dump of Lunar TSS, it is for fun purposes only... but I think that is enough reason. Will try yo dump some other Lunar texts this weekend. They are at:
  14. Artemio Urbina

    New Snather text dump!

    Hello ... I just dumped a new version of the Sega CD Snatcher text dump.. It is a lot better that the one I did 3 years ago. There are two versions: with or without codes (enter, color change, etc) It is at junker hq.. Luck!
  15. Artemio Urbina


    I am not a nintendo Fan, but indeed a game collector.... So it is really nice to have tese boards around, just next to the sega ones...Way to go! Good luck karny =)
  16. Artemio Urbina

    Snatcher Tranlation (Saturn/PSX)

    OK, I started this project because it somethiong I really want other people to play. I finally got all teh CD versions of teh game, so I think i have all the pertinent information. I put up a site for the project at: Please feel free to comment and help is more...
  17. Artemio Urbina

    Saturn Snatcher Translation

    Hello all, since the last thread dissapeared I just want to offer te guys that are working on these the resources I have. I once extracted all the Sega CD text (the file you can find on the net) and also I extracted all the PCM audio of that same version to wav and mp3. i know it is low quality...