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  1. sonik

    Mega Drive / Genesis controllers on Saturn

    The sega development bulletins says that the saturn is compatible with genesis controllers. Jacques from BlueRetro tested it in the bios: I went a step further and tested it with a bunch of games. And to my surprise some of them supported the device!
  2. sonik

    [support] GDMENU Card Manager

    Thread to discuss the program GDMENU Card Manager. Admin/mod please link this thread to the Resource at I can't find where to link it.
  3. sonik

    Wanted: Sega Nomad

    Anyone have one to sell?
  4. sonik


    I bought an Sega Activator, but it not arrived yet... I want to know if it's any good to play. How exactly it works? Will work with any game?
  5. sonik

    Shenmue dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese

    Hi there. I and one friend have dubbed the Intro movie of Shenmue (about 6 minutes long). If you want to take a look, grab the Torrent file here: It's not perfect, but is funny to see :cool:
  6. sonik

    Comm-Link Card

    I want to buy this card But I need to know if this will work with a Gameshark or ActionReplay. And I can transfer Save Files from/to PC and Saturn? Thanks in advance.
  7. sonik

    Problem with my Gamegear

    My GameGear got a strange problem. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. When it not work, I power ON and the GG power OFF in just a fraction of second (the LED just do a little Flash). Then I keep it powered OFF for some days and it works. Anyone have this problem too? Any help is...
  8. sonik

    Sega CD games list

    Anyone have a full Sega CD Games list (including USA/JAP/EUR) ? Thanks in advance.
  9. sonik

    Saint Seya

    The new saga of Saint Seya - Hades is so good! Anyone here is seeing too?
  10. sonik

    Got my Saturn!

    I got my saturn today! I don't know much games for Saturn, so I'm here asking for some good game names. Thanks
  11. sonik

    San Francisco Rush

    Anyone have this game for PC? I mean PC Version! This is very rare!
  12. sonik


    I'm planning to buy one and want to know some things about the Big X. Can Play MP3s? Will work with my Internet Cable Conection? Have Web Browser? If have, can I use ICQ Web (Java based)? Can I use my PC Keyboard and Mouse? USB or PS2? Thanks.
  13. sonik

    Project Berekly

    Anyone have the demo disc of the game?
  14. sonik

    Shining Force

    Hi! My saturn can play US and JAP game, but bo EURO games... I downloaded and burned Shining Force episode 3, and the game don't run on my saturn. I look the iso file with satconv and the program says Area Symbols : ET Compatible Peripherals : JE What I need to do? Anyone have converted...
  15. sonik

    Need help

    Hi all! I cant login in the FTP with the dev tools. Any other ftp that works? And other question: Is possible to make a jpg image viewer for the saturn using the sega libs and/or something linke the freejpeg lib? Thanks
  16. sonik

    New here. Need some help.

    Hi! I'm new here. I want to start deving for the Sega Saturn video game. I have some questions: The apps will boot on a non-moded Saturn? Where do I get the tools/libs/compiler? Is possible to use GCC to compile for SH? Or need to use Sega's compiler? Any starting guides? I like to get...