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  1. Knight0fDragon

    Sega Saturn Keyboad adapter pics

    Couldn’t find any pics of the keyboard adapter, so I took some pics of my own. Adding here incase anybody finds it useful.
  2. Knight0fDragon

    PC Comms Link on Windows 98

    So I am hooking up my old saturn dev machine just for nostalgic purposes, and I realized I do not remember at all what was needed to get the Comms Link running. Anybody remember everything needed for a Windows 98 machine? Now I know the Comms Link, was not PnP, but does anybody remember if...
  3. Knight0fDragon

    Removing security code from IPBin (Nothing to do with the Ring)

    There have been ongoing discussions about the IPBin being distributed with homebrew/new commercial apps and games. While most people recognize that nobody is going to prosecute over the distribution of the IPBin, it has become an interesting talking point to patch in the IPBin after...
  4. Knight0fDragon

    Sega Saturn Patcher Discussion Thread

    Sega Saturn Patcher V1.91 (Beta for 2.0) (C) 2021 Knight0fDragon - If you would like to say thanks and offer a donation, I accept only PayPal at Thanks to everybody over at SegaXtreme and Sega Saturn Shiro, along with various people...
  5. Knight0fDragon

    Translating Shining Force 3 [All Scenarios]

    Decided to make a new post on this to keep it up to date. Today we released version 22 of our long running translation patch. You can find out all the info you need and the patch at The Shining Force III Translation Project ( A brief summary of changes include some...
  6. Knight0fDragon

    Translating Dracula X / SOTN Beta V1.02

    Progress tracker: V1.02 The moment everybody has been waiting for, the cross over from translation to improvements. In this patch, you will find the following updates: All ending freezes have been...
  7. Knight0fDragon

    TONe file extra bytes.

    Hello everybody, very long time since I have posted here. I am currently looking into creating an app to create TON files. Currently what is out there as far as I know does not work 100% correctly. I decided to look at the documentation to see what a TON file consists of. I have been able to...
  8. Knight0fDragon

    Gameshark Upgrade

    Ok well heres what happened, my Gameshark died, as in after the opening screen it freezes, and I tried using Comms link tools, but that didnt work. So then I tried ExCybers PAR upgrading tool, and at first the saturn didnt recognize it as a cart and went right to CD, but after different tries...
  9. Knight0fDragon

    ISO creation

    i was wondering if there was any ISO programs out there where I can specify the LBA for each file, the only program I have seen so far to do this is CDGENPS2 and its being a real b!+ch when I place a lot of files on
  10. Knight0fDragon

    Looking for horde

    Will pay a total of $8.(item + shipping) Contact me on AIM at knight0fdragon to talk about arrangements if you have the game. Do not need case or book, just the CD
  11. Knight0fDragon

    Rebuilding SF3

    Is there some weird thing that I am missing when trying to rebuild shining force 3? What I am using is VCDTools what I do rip first 32k for system IP.bin change the systemarea inside the scr to match that of the game add the rest of the files in alphabetical order then use cyber warrior...
  12. Knight0fDragon

    Saturn boot menu

    Is there one out there for a CD that can execute a choice of saturn binary files