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  1. antime

    Panzer Dragoon Saga: An oral history

    Polygon published a long story about the development of Panzer Dragoon Saga, based on interviews with several former Team Andromeda members. Link: Panzer Dragoon Saga: An oral history
  2. antime


    I made a port of the TNKernel real-time kernel to the Saturn, available on GitHub. The kernel is released under a BSD license. The kernel does not support SMP, but you can run separate instances on both CPUs. API documentation is available on the TNKernel website, the small API changes made...
  3. antime

    USB dev cart project

    Here's the first draft schematic for a flash cart with a built-in USB port. It's got 256K of flash and an FT245R USB FIFO. One thing I'm a bit wary of is that the FIFO status lines are connected directly to the bus buffer. Would it be better if they were latched somehow, or routed via a Schmitt...
  4. antime

    Nights analog pad data format

    Relating to the Playstation-to-Saturn pad converter topic, here's how to read the Nights pad using SH2 direct control: The pad is what the SMPC manual calls a "3-wire handshake method peripheral". To determine if the controller is of this type, use the following algorithm: /* These...
  5. antime

    PlanetWeb Finnish version

    I tested out some video capture methods and took the opportunity to record some footage of the Finnish-language Saturn PlanetWeb browser. Not too exciting since I have no way of getting online but there you go.
  6. antime

    Video mod, the easy way?

    I was probing around on a Saturn board (as you do on Thursday evenings) when I noticed a place for a switch near the rear, next to the battery slot. After a bit of tracing, it turns out the middle pole is connected to pin 79 of VDP2 which is the pin you use to switch between 50/60 Hz! Can...
  7. antime

    Building your own toolchains

    If you can't or don't want to use a prebuilt toolchain there is the option to build one yourself. Since the Saturn is a "bare-metal" environment this is a much simpler process than what is described in most tutorials, and there is no need for any extra tools. The instructions here work on Linux...
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    Scanned Megadrive, MegaCD and 32X documentation, found somewhere on teh Intarweb.
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    Anarchy Online - free for a year!

    Funcom announced today that if you register a new account before the 15th of January you can play Anarchy Online without subscription fees for the whole next year. This offer covers only the basic game and not the expansions, but it's hard to argue with the price. You don't even need a credit...
  10. antime

    Unity no more Sad to see this, but I'm not that surprised.
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    Universal multiregioniser

    After writing this post I started thinking about the subject and came to the conclusion that not only does it seem possible to make an universal converter, but in fact it looks very simple to do as well. As I wrote, the problem with adding region codes is that you have to make room for the new...
  12. antime

    Puyo Puyo Fever for Mac

    Puyo Puyo Fever for Mac OS X will be released in June (in Japan). There will also be a bundled version that comes with a familiar looking controller!
  13. antime

    Sega: It is The Law

    Here are scans of Sega ads published in classic English sci-fi comic mag, 2000AD. The scans are from progs 755, 760 and 762 (Nov-Dec 1991). It appears not even Judge Dredd is completely incorruptible. "Dredd to Console" (Gamegear) "Back to the Future" (SMS2) "It Takes All Ages" (Megadrive)
  14. antime

    New uploads

    I uploaded some more stuff to my website: the manual for Cross Products' Mirage CD emulator and a package of Psy-Q tools. Most of the Psy-Q stuff is useless without the development hardware but there's some good stuff there as well, like their assemblers, CD image build tools and a SCU DSP emulator.
  15. antime

    Sega Sues Simpsons

    Sega of America has filed a patent infringement suit over the game Simpsons Road Rage, alleging it deliberately imitates the Crazy Taxi game style which Sega has apparently patented. See also Reuters' story on the subject.
  16. antime

    Space Channel 5 Special Edition

    Space Channel 5 arrives on North American Playstation 2s in the form of the two-disc Special Edition, featuring both the original game and the sequel, which up until now has not been released there on any platform. The price? Only fifteen bucks.
  17. antime

    Sega-themed fonts

    Dunno if this has been linked before, but this page has a bunch of fonts (TrueType format) modelled after Sega designs. They look very well made!
  18. antime

    PSO Dreamcast servers to close

    According to a notice on the game's official page, the plug will be pulled on the US PSO DC server on September 30. (No separate mention is made of the European or Japanese servers, but I assume they will be closed as well.)
  19. antime

    Sega sells mobile division to Nokia are reporting that Sega sold its mobile division to Nokia. Nokia intends to use the technology acquired for their N-Gage mobile gaming platform. There's also a press release.
  20. antime

    Sega news

    Some bigger and some smaller news. First, Sega will reorganize their studios. Second, AM2 will get a new president. Continuing with AM2, here's a supposedly leaked list of their upcoming releases. Still at the rumour stage is Fighting Vipers 3. It's not all AM2 though, Sega Rosso are reported...