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  1. TrevoStuden

    Angel's Egg (1985)

    This is a really good art style and has lots of deep meaning and thinking behind it. Any other fans?
  2. TrevoStuden

    Wachenroder translation

    Interested in programming and coding and really anything involving editing and manipulating programs. Never attempted or tried to translate games. That being said I read tutorials and use guides. Have no experience with java, python, c++. History with basic html and php, and a little bit of...
  3. TrevoStuden

    video tutorial english patch Grandia

    I posted a video on youtube detailing on how to patch Grandia for play with the newly released English patch from TrekkieUnitet118. Listen I don't know the most about video editing, but I would like to help out the Saturn gaming community in any way that I can. I hope this video is helpful, and...