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    Info for making photo cds

    I tried burn a Photo CD using booth softwares as you read on site and my Goldstar FC-1 and Panasonic FZ-1 couldn't read the CD, off couse I'm using the same CD-R media that I backup my 3DO discs.... If works, please tell me! Thanks and see ya!
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    No Wayne, No Idea where find a 3DO Blaster® from CREATIVE LABS(tm) try ebay, I'm looking for one too. I'll receive a 3DO FZ1 MPEG CARD soon! see ya!
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    PhotoCD for 3DO

    Hi all I'm tired to try make PhotoCDs for 3DO, I can't do it! Somebody know how? It's easy? legal? What softwares I'll need? We don't have Kodak support here in Brazil, off course Kodak never brought to Brazil this tecnology... I never see one Real PhotoCD and a real PhotoCD player. Can...
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    How I know? Remember.... You contact me using to buy segacd games and I'm still waiting for reply.. hehehe.. Right? It's me Jiancarlo Tortoza Bignelli
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    Hi Wayne, its great a SegaCD and 3DO lover in Brazil, maybe I'll help you. You are from Vitoria - ES right? ok see u!