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  1. slinga

    sega saturn save converter

    Can you share the files?
  2. slinga

    Just wondering...

    Run strings on it? See if another language is in the ISO. Assuming another language is there, I doubt an Action Replay code would be the easiest way forward. Patching the ISO itself would be easier. Similar work for different games has already been done: YZB's 4MB hacks.
  3. slinga

    What Does MiSTer Mean For Saturn Reversing?

    Thanks for the response. What else can we do with MiSTer? Can we take the verilog and verify SH-2 disassembly? Could there be non-standard opcodes? Mister sounds really cool, dunno where to start.
  4. slinga

    What Does MiSTer Mean For Saturn Reversing?

    What does MiSTer mean for Sega Saturn reversing? I'm 100% a software guy, just wondering. Does it mean the interaction between the CD drive and the SH-1 are fully documented?
  5. slinga

    Save Game Extractor: Backup Saves Via Audio

    Glad it worked. Take an md5sum hash and google search for it. I will add a feature to display the hash in SGEX. Edit: updated: Release MD5 Hash of Bios · slinga-homebrew/Save-Game-Extractor
  6. slinga

    Save Game Extractor: Backup Saves Via Audio

    Should be as simple as stripping off the first 64 bytes of each file and combining.
  7. slinga

    Balloonatics Thread

    Here's the latest build. At some point I will cleanup the source and toss it up on Github.
  8. slinga

    Balloonatics Thread

    I appreciate the kind words. My plan is to finish Balloonatics and resubmit at the end of the year.
  9. slinga

    Balloonatics Thread

    Thanks to @SuperReye, I have greatly improved the loading time of Balloonatics and Flicky's Flock. See the diff here: Faster Load Time, Thx Reyeme · slinga-homebrew/Flickys-Flock@09e7abf. TL;DR: The jo_sprite_add*() that take a directory argument has an optional input end up calling jo_fs_cd()...
  10. slinga

    Balloonatics Thread

    Another review: . Again the reviewer got the name of the game wrong lol. Otherwise much less frustrating to watch than the first vid. One thing I wanted to comment on: Because the pre-title screen didn't have the fish render, the reviewer was surprised in the ending scene when the fish comes...
  11. slinga

    Let's hack NBA Jam Tournament Edition

    Anyway to make the hidden characters the default ones? That sounds more fun than having to punch in codes to unlock them.
  12. slinga

    Balloonatics Thread

    "Tails of Saturn" uploaded a video of the game: I appreciate the vid but have to lol at a number of things. 1) He called the game "Baloontastic". Lol wut. 2) He burned the game without audio tracks. The cue file is in zip, I'm assuming he burned just the ISO. 3)...
  13. slinga

    Balloonatics Thread

    I'll change the resolution to 704x480 as you recommend.
  14. slinga

    Balloonatics Thread

    Thanks again as always Fafling. The build 91 above has all of the improvements you recommended (disable preclipping for all sprites except for the fish, reduce water empty lines, reduce fish empty lines) with the exception of changing the resolution. I made a build with 704 resolution + disable...
  15. slinga

    Balloonatics Thread

    I created a new build that hopefully fixes the SSMTF pre-title screen. It sounds dumb but it's important to me to get that right at least. The fish is supposed to ominously come up and look around, then descend back down. On emulators it works, on real hardware the water doesn't render and the...
  16. slinga

    Cubecat updated builds

    Can you add a message about double jumping? I got stuck on the very first level X( I also find the camera trigger buttons to be the opposite of what I expect. I don't play many 3d platformers so forgive me if that's standard.
  17. slinga

    SEGA Saturn 27th Anniversary Game Competition

    Balloonatics is a 12-player Balloon Fight clone for the Sega Saturn. Requires two 6 Player Adaptors for full twelve player support. The game makes use of Anamorphic Widescreen so your TV should be set to 16:9 mode. Quotes " let's make a 2d balloon fight with multitap support. I shot lead...
  18. slinga

    Dumping Sega Saturn Cartridges with less hardware

    Do you want me to add a feature in Save Game Extractor to dump raw memory? Been a while, but I had something to dump the BIOS but it was too slow. That was prior to adding compression. Should be pretty easy, I have it in Save Game Copier.
  19. slinga

    SEGA Saturn 27th Anniversary Game Competition - Discussion Thread

    @SloughBoy , Your art style is great. Looking forward to trying your game out.
  20. slinga

    Old Pro Action Replay Cart with USB DataLink

    Glad you could get some use out of Save Game Extractor. Glad it worked.