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  1. Ace_of_DiscaL

    Lets localize Terra Phantastica!

    Hi, I LOVE RPGs, and this one is so obscure & delicious looking. Is there anyone working on the manual yet? I can help by using Google Image Translate to translate the manual. The scan You linked there is a bit low res though btw.
  2. Ace_of_DiscaL

    sega saturn save converter

    Hi! This exactly why I save the same game twice using a system + cart save on the actual console. All the best to You with this issue!
  3. Ace_of_DiscaL

    Undumped Soft Super Prologue 21 Games Vol.1 for Saturn spotted on auction site

    Hi Mr. Burns! Where can I download a copy please?
  4. Ace_of_DiscaL

    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    It's a little rude to say "back up Saturn", because NO Saturn is simply EVER a "back up" OK?
  5. Ace_of_DiscaL

    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    Scud: The Disposable Assassin :freak2: Any way of knowing if support will be added with future releases of PSK? I tried both v6.314 and then v6.437, with an un-patched repro, a patched repro, and also an original disc. Thank you all so much for all the great efforts you've been putting in to...