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  1. Ponut

    Texture coordinates on the Saturn!

    You guys make it sound way harder than it is. You can ask us at least to point to to a place to start with an open-source drawing pipeline wherein you have control of the command tables, which is in either Yaul or my demos. Then you just have to put your texture in color RAM, draw an untextured...
  2. Ponut

    Texture coordinates on the Saturn!

    The answer to all of your questions is maybe, if anyone ever gets around to programming it.
  3. Ponut

    Best Solution for Playing Translations?

    The Saturn's cart port definitely has thinner pins than usual, but unless you shoved an oversized cart in there, it should've been fine. It might help to use a shim to push the cart in one direction so it keeps consistent contact, if you have used an oversized PCB.
  4. Ponut

    Best Solution for Playing Translations?

    Satiator. It's hype, it works, it's expensive, and you can keep your CD drive. I actually think your issues with games crashing could be related to your CD drive being on its way out. Unless somehow Gamer's Cart is not what we hoped? I did not have much of any compatability issues when I was...
  5. Ponut

    SEGA Saturn 27th Anniversary Game Competition

    Submitting for "Utility" category. This is a development tool in the form of source code. ponésound - an open-source sound driver for Saturn with Jo Engine usage demos it comprises of: a driver binary that is uploaded from CD to the MC68EC000 in the...
  6. Ponut

    VDP Mirrors

    Basically, all memory access on 68000 series processors has an effective address calculation time. If you use one memory accessing instruction instead of two, you've only done that calculation once and saved the processor some cycles. For example, if you know your data is 0xAEEACAAC, writing...
  7. Ponut

    Interest Check: SegaXtreme Collaborative Project

    This is great. I don't beg him to enable us to do this because it's gonna take a lot of time to support multiple people not immensely versed with Trenchbroom to do that...
  8. Ponut

    HELLSLAVE : Project Z-Treme

    It is unusual for the game to not work through an ODE. Patching the ISO with Sega Saturn Patcher should have solved that issue. The issue we face with MODE is that it cannot keep up regenerating the ECC data at the rate we load data. So if you patch using that tool, the ECC data is included in...
  9. Ponut

    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    It's okay, second-languages can be very challenging. If you do not want to hardware-modify the console, the Satiator is for you. It is an ODE that simply plugs in the rear accessory port.
  10. Ponut

    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    Commercial games will not work this way from the cartridge slot. You would want an optical drive emulator (ODE). I am not sure if you understood that or not. Just checking the language barrier.
  11. Ponut

    Retail Game Research

    As pointed out by Fafling, this is using the "line window" feature of VDP2. Ostensibly, it can be used to give different parameters for certain sections of the screen given a start and end coordinates on each line of the screen for each window. In short, this is a documented feature and we...
  12. Ponut

    ponèSound - Sound control library

    Getting IMA compliant decompression on its own is trivial. I just couldn't read Microsoft's stupid header properly.
  13. Ponut

    ponèSound - Sound control library

    Link: ponut64/SCSP_poneSound What is it? It is a program written in C for the Saturn's MC68EC000 which will interface and control function of the SCSP. The MC68EC000 is a low-power, economized variant of the Motorola 68000 processor found in the Genesis, Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, and Sharp...
  14. Ponut

    Saturn Homebrew Family Tree

    did you forget about this already? it was really cool
  15. Ponut

    SEGA Saturn 26th Anniversary Game Competition

    An update. I will be uploading a video to my yt with this build. Obviously, this is not the contest entry build. It's better!
  16. Ponut

    SEGA Saturn 26th Anniversary Game Competition

    So I had a bit of a debacle with the sound driver. If ndiddy's or mrkot's games sound does not work, that was my fault. I hate that. I have rolled back the github and have a fixed binary available there. I can't let that driver get broken again!
  17. Ponut

    SEGA Saturn 26th Anniversary Game Competition

    These forums are getting whacky. Here is my thing. The game takes awhile to load. You can see the # of files left to load at the top. I forget the controls exactly, I think A jumps, right bumper jets, and left bumper slides? X turns camera left, Z turns camera right, Y turns camera up, B...
  18. Ponut

    Translating Grandia

    I don't have a Grandia ROM handy. A plaintext past of the decompilation _from anything other than Yabause_ would help. Of course, a program RAM dump at that time would do just as much.
  19. Ponut

    JoEngine: sample of 3d collision?

    It's relatively simple to do a axis-aligned box collision First, you need to define the X, Y, Z radius of each object (size) Then define the position of each object Then get the absolute distance from each object to each other object in X,Y,Z (xd = JO_ABS(x1 - x2) etc). Then you know if any...
  20. Ponut

    Streaming PCM Examples?

    slPCMOn is double-buffered from work RAM to sound RAM. This will always have delays in it because slPCMOn does not force the transfers (and thus, the bitrate) to be aligned with vblank. It does that so you can play any bitrate. To set up a PCM stream with my driver, you have to manually...