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    Can I request a soundtrack?

    Can someone give out the soundtrack to Earthworm Jim? Specifically the track "Living on a Landmine". It's the track that play when you are fighting the free falling chicken, or the helicopter part of the last level. I heard this track on G4's Electronic Playground in the background, it's by...
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    Pulseman Tree Boss

    I have a part of Pulseman that I am stuck at. It is the India level from the first level select screen. How do you damange this boss? I can't seem to damage him when he pops out of the ground, while shooting that orb at me, or when it sends it's roots after me. If I remember it right, maybe I...
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    Genesis Roms List?

    I know that this has prob been asked a bunch of times, but unlike everyone else, I tried to find it in the old posts, but couldn't... Can someone show me a good link to a text file with a simple checklist of every rom out there (including like if it is hacked, intro, regular, trans, etc). So...
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    Christmas Nights

    How many copies of Christmas Nights were printed out in compairison to the regular Nights? Everytime I see a list of favorite Saturn games, I always see Christmas Nights. So I was just wondering how many there are in existence (legal, that is). Also, how did everyone get thier hands on them? I...
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    Garfield: Lost Levels

    Does anyone know if the Rom dump actually exists for this game? I am NOT asking for the rom, or any links. I just want to know if it even exists. For those of you who don't know, this was another one of those SegaChannel exclsives. It had about 5 levels I think that were cut from the final...
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    Beta Lists?

    What are all the betas for the Genesis? I like to compare them to the orginal games. It is almost like a remix of a song, it is cool to see what the game could of been like. So far, I have: Sonic 2 beta Prince Of Persia beta Beyond Zero Tolerance beta Also, please don't post lame hacker...
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    Gold Gamegear?

    Wasn't there a GoldGameGear released in Japan? I think I saw some pics of it in EGM or something... Just wondering how much it costs then, and how much it would go for on eBay now... Anyone got any details?
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    Does anyone know of any translation for this Jap game? It was on SegaChannel back in the day, really awesome game. There is not that much text in the game, just the level discriptions for as far as I know. Of course I don't expect a rom translation, is there a translation guide somewhere for...