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    Sakura Taisen Tin Box

    Anyone know where this tin box is originated? Initially thought it was part of Japanese LE merch but did not think there really was the release with this kind of small tin box. So I thought it could be some sort of the event merch but couldn't think of any. Anyone...
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    Saturn photo shoot

    Took the photo of my prized Saturn console. :)
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    Saturn PP1-007
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    New to saturn, looking for some help.

    Many moons ago when I bought one of earlier PS1 from Japan it had similar issue. what I did was (I wouldn't recommend you do this) simply grab and move the module up and down and then it worked as it should. After that never had any issue.
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    Panzer Dragoon Saga + Action Replay + COMMS enabled = no luck

    wonder something like this would work for looking the code?
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    White Saturn from Indonesia??

    all Saturn support multiple languages. you can set JPN Saturn to English under the option menu and vice versa... or I'm still dreaming~~
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    System disc

    that's correct. btw there are two different types of system disc - one for 1st party and the other for 3rd party...
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    Wireless IR receiver??

    You mean this one? Maybe it'd cheaper to get the JPN one since PAL version is much rarer hence more expensive~ ^ ^ *The one on top...
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    Strange Saturn Mod Chip ?

    FWIW here's the Saturn mod chip I found in on eof my drawer... ^ ^; No idea and can't recall where I get these from... Just curious that it has double sockets at each side whereas other mod chip usually has one at each side? Can anyone pinpoint what this is?
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    Help!!! Sega Saturn Modchip, installation in a Japanese white Saturn!!!!

    Read the How to mod a 21 pin Saturn thread above and you will fine where to connect the wire with JPN console.
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    replacing saturn power supply

    as long as the # of pins are same you should be...
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    [Unreleased] Crime Patrol

    looks like it was for the best that it didn't get released~ ^ ^
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    Lost & Found 3.0 (pre-order) - Sega Saturn

    Lost & Found 3.0 (pre-order) - Sega Saturn just a comment. unless proven otherwise that Deep Fear would be nothing more than region patched PAL release...
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    Asuka 120% Limit Over (Japanese Hack)

    there's very detailed instruction in the mainpage how to make one from ripping to burning... I may try this one next time I dig up the game disc...
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    Sega Saturn Bios

    at least on my unit it seems obvious enough...
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    Using SRP to play US games on Japan system

    easiest would be region mod as well so you can play US/JP and PAL using the original disc
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    4m 13 in 1 cart, how do i use it.

    they look like these boxed... pic pic or get one of these if you can fine one @__@
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    4m 13 in 1 cart, how do i use it.

    that's because the way Saturn detects the carts it can be either Backup memory cart OR Import cart, just not at the same time. This is I believe how the PDS detects the presence of import cart in the cart slot...
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    Farewell SX

    indeed when you get old high school is the most fond memories one can recall - don't know why. For me high school was certainly most fun filled and care free time. :D
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    system disc

    personally never seen blue disc myself. maybe someone from Assembler know anything about?