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  1. mrkotfw

    Does anyone have a GREEN USB DataLink Revision they're willing to part with?

    I'm interested in buying a GREEN LED USB DataLink so I can fully test the device for my tool. I have the documentation and implementation, but I'd like to physically test it. If anyone is willing to part with it, please let me know.
  2. mrkotfw

    Is VDP1 manual change possible with double-density interlace?

    I'm running some tests and I have the following (VDP1+VDP2 normal resolution, non-interlace): 0. Set up list of commands in H-WRAM 1. Transfer commands from H-WRAM to VDP1 VRAM 2. Draw. PTMR=1 3. If drawing is done (Sprite End IRQ fired) before VBLANK OUT IRQ, perform FB change. FBCR=3 4. Go...
  3. mrkotfw

    Using CPU-DMAC to transfer via USB cart to PC-side

    I'm using CPU-DMAC, with 1-byte stride, fixed destination, and cycle-steal mode (burst is not supported?). I'm seeing terrible performance, if I transfer 4096 bytes in chunks of 64 bytes, I notice that the PC doesn't receive all 4096 bytes. For every 64-byte chunk transfer via CPU-DMAC, I poll...
  4. mrkotfw

    Is it not possible to plot a pixel, or a range of pixels using SCU timers?

    If I use the back screen as a way to plot a pixel. In a H-BLANK interrupt, I set SCU timer 1 to a value of 159 and set the back screen to a particular color (black). Then when the timer 1 interrupt is fired, I change the color value of the back screen. Then I disable the timer 1 interrupt. I...
  5. mrkotfw

    Testing Yaul Windows (64-bit) installer

    I've made an installer to test. It's non-intrusive. You can remove the directory easily. (Remove C:\yaul). Here is the the link. It's an executable. Go to /opt/libyaul and use make in examples/simple/romdisk. Everything should be working. If not, please report here.
  6. mrkotfw

    Sprite types and color banks

    I'm fairly confused and unsure where to specify set actual sprite type bits. - Sprite type (0..7) for a 16-bit frame buffer needs to be specified. - Inside the command table, 4BPP normal sprite, 12 bits are available for the color bank Effectively, those 12-bits are what? Offset to CRAM? Or...
  7. mrkotfw

    VDP2 VRAM cycle pattern CPU R/W access timings

    What is the implication here? An auxiliary work RAM? How can VRAM act as a framebuffer when dealing with cell scroll screens? Does this imply that parts of the display can be read back into memory? Basic question. If CPU R/W access is selected, when is it okay to access VRAM? Is it that the...
  8. mrkotfw

    How can the VDP1 layer from VDP2 be read?

    How exactly is it accessed through VDP2? I remember distinctly that it had something to do with RGB0/1. Any thoughts?
  9. mrkotfw

    Tomb Raider geometry Blender plug-in

    Hello all, I've created a small plug-in that exports the geometry in Tomb Raider .SAT files into Blender. The documentation was provided by b122251 I have found the function that processes the rest of the .SAT, .SPR, and .SAD files. If anyone is interested, let me know. This would allow...
  10. mrkotfw

    Is there any way of measuring performance for SH-2?

    It doesn't have to run on the Saturn, meaning that it could just be a small program loaded into memory. Is there a way to count cycles, amount of pipeline stalls? Any metrics at all? I can't seem to find any simulators for any SH-{2,4} variant. How about on hardware?
  11. mrkotfw

    VDP2 bitmap modes, both at 16-colors

    According to the docs, it seems like it's not possible to have the bitmap mode for any of the backgrounds to have 128 selectable palettes (palette number). The BMPNA register is where the palette number is set, only has 3 bits are available for either 16 or 256 colors. For 2,048 and RGB...
  12. mrkotfw

    Detecting USB flash cart and AR/Gameshark carts

    Hello all! Is there a way to reliably detect whether a USB cartridge is inserted or an AR cart? I know with an AR cart, reading from 0x22004AF0 will return a string, but is there a reliable way to know if a USB cart is inserted? Are there different locations that I need to read from to detect...
  13. mrkotfw

    VDP1 manual change/erase.

    I'm pretty confused with how this all works. The VDP1 manual isn't terribly clear either. At VDP1 initialization, go from 1-cycle mode to change-mode. At the start of VBLANK-OUT (when the VBLANK-OUT IRQ is fired), set PTMR=0, VBE=0, and a FB swap will occur IF we set VBE=FCM=FCT=1 Poll until...
  14. mrkotfw

    What is the actual purpose of VDP1 end codes?

    I'm unable to see any use (to a developer's point of view) on using end codes other than a way to improve the sprite fill rate (i.e. a "sparse" sprite would benefit from this) Is this a correct assumption?
  15. mrkotfw

    Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers translation

    I stopped working on this side project a while back and I'll be getting back to it in the next few weeks/months. For now, it's all open source: Here's what has been worked on so far: In-game text has been extracted Font has been extracted...
  16. mrkotfw

    On-chip peripheral module interrupts?

    I'm looking to have the SuperH generate an interrupt for when a transfer in the DMAC is complete. I enabled interrupts (bit 2 in CHCR0 and CHCR1). I also set the vector number (ranges from 0-127) in register VCRDMA0 and VCRDMA1. I then set the vector, say 127 to the interrupt handling routine...
  17. mrkotfw

    My new project is up!

    Update! 2006/10/10 Update! 2006/12/18 Hello everyone! After a few months of hard work I have finally been able to call my "scraps of code" a real project! I have decided to have it hosted at SourceForge. The project name is libyaul, its basicly an alternative to the SBL/SGL libraries. It...
  18. mrkotfw

    Official SNK Neo-Geo 2-Slot Marquee!

    Go here :cheers
  19. mrkotfw

    Should I buy an ATOMISWAVE or Neo-Geo AES?

    So... Should I? I have an urge to play KOF 2000, Metal Slug 5, and a few more titles... But what I have seen is that SNK/PLAYMORE is moving onto the ATOMISWAVE. Should I just buy an ATOMISWAVE or Neo-Geo AES? What are the chances of a re-release of those games being on ATOMISWAVE?
  20. mrkotfw

    my demo

    hello, i'd just like to show you all my demo. it runs on real hardware so you all can safely try it on the saturn! (you'll need to make a valid iso first) well, enjoy and read the message!