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    Garou: Mark of the Wolves

    One word describes this game. Elegant. You don't find that in games of today.
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    Metal Slug 4 USA AES

    A likely story FAKK2. I wish I had more AES stuff. Hey, you wouldn't happen to have any spare NEO GEO AES AC adapters would you? I recently got lucky and bought 6 AES Motherboards from a friend for a good price, but I dont know if any of them work cause I'm too lazy to buy an AC adapter...
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    Hudson made a version of Wonderboy in Monster World for PC Engine/Turbo Grafx 16 CD called Dynastic Hero. I'm pretty certain it's exactly the same as the MegaDrive/Genesis version except for some sprite changes and some cut scenes.
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    The Best PcEngine Games

    Ninja Spirit and Coryoon are world class.
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    Super HuCard

    That is REALLY COOL! I'll have to try that out.
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    Some stuff I'm looking for

    Some stuff I'm looking for That's cool. I was unaware of any such adapter.
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    Some stuff I'm looking for

    Some stuff I'm looking for I don't have a 7800, but I do have a 2600 and a 5200, and you can't play 2600 games in your 5200. It doesn't matter much though, as most of the best games for the 2600 were rereleased for the 5200.
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    Flash Cart for Genesis

    I wish they made an NES flash cart...
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    Who bought Panzer Dragoon Orta?

    I bought it and I absolutely love it. It has an arcade feel to it that most games of today can't duplicate.
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    Warsong was truly one of the greats.  After my battery went dead in it, I left my Genesis on for a week to complete it. Baldarov...
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    Implode! New duo game?

    Don't give up on us yet FAKK2. We have so much to learn. The crappy people that send hate mail are only louder and bolder than those like myself who wish to give thanks. And KBW is right, there are 10 times as many people who are grateful for what you do, not hateful.
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    Altered Beast system card problem...

    eBay has them from time to time.
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    Best way to bypass region code?

    Hi NFERNO. I bought an Action Replay 4M Plus from about a year and a half ago and it still works perfectly. I think it'll only run you about $30.
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    Sega Master System AC Adapter

    Thanks again Mike. The Genesis 1 AC adapter worked flawlessly.
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    ToeJam & Earl

    ToeJam & Earl The best is making ToeJam or Earl teeter on the edge of a level and listen to them yell WHOA, WHOA!!!
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    Third World War

    I've got the manual, but sadly, no scanner. What do you need to know from it?
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    Sega Master System AC Adapter

    Thanks for the help Mike. I do have an adapter for the original Genesis, so I should be ok.
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    Sega Master System AC Adapter

    A friend just recently gave me his old Sega Master System. I think it's the 3D one. At least he said it was. Anyway, it doesn't have the ac adapter that went with it and I was wondering if anyone knew what type I'm supposed to get? I was just going to go to Radio Shack and buy one that met the...
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    Golden Axe

    Golden Axe 2 is awesome. The graphics are better than most stuff that comes out for Gameboy Advance, the music is very creative and really sets the mood, and the gameplay is outstanding. The higher level magic spells look better than Playstation, and the game is nearly 12 years old. In my...
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    Warsong was SO GOOD! My copy's battery died sometime in 94, and that Christmas I left my Genesis on for a week so I could finish it. It's a shame they didn't release any of the other Langrisser games over here.