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    I have the original one, and frankly I don't know about the battery, because I only use it in my car when I am traveling, and then I have a cigarette adapter for that.
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    Sonic Adventure X

    Oh god, he posts here too? I'm never going to get rid of this guy...
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    DNSs take about 1-4 days to rework themselves, so I bet if he changed it now, it will be all set by Friday.
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    name this quote

    :blink: I really didn't think you guys would all be able to figure out a quote from a Mac game, but yeah. And it is in the Pillar of Autumn's bulletin board.
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    Danger Danger Mac People

    I lost faith in Apple, hardcore. They can't seem to do anything right anymore. From making new OSs, to programs that don't work, not to mention the browser I'm using right now... :damn: :damn: :damn: Only one of those emoticons is animating for me right now. If I set that picture as the...
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    name this quote

    I just want to see if anyone knew the quote in Iceman's old sig about a "Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap!" besides me. :)
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    Can I request a soundtrack?

    Can someone give out the soundtrack to Earthworm Jim? Specifically the track "Living on a Landmine". It's the track that play when you are fighting the free falling chicken, or the helicopter part of the last level. I heard this track on G4's Electronic Playground in the background, it's by...
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    Ipod 3rd generation

    I have the first model. I love it, but there is a boot up time. I don't mind it though, as if I am using it, it's for when I'm driving, and that means I'll listen to more than one song at a time, so about a 15 sec bootup isn't bad when I listen to 30-an hour of music. There is random, and you...
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    Ultimate Sega System on Ebay!

    Say what? [/b] The caps lock key is worthless. The only people keeping it alive are people selling things at eBay. This auction is a prime example.
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    Ultimate Sega System on Ebay!

    And I was just saying that there was no use for the caps lock key anymore in another site's irc chatroom, and that's my reason why.
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    Weapons Grade Uranium found in Iran

    :damn: No no no, damn damnit to crap, hell hell, fuck crap shit crap crap crap. I don't want the US to go into yet ANOTHER war.
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    Get a Sega folding bike!

    G4TV gave me a heart attack this morning with the headline: Sega Collapses Of course talking about the bike, but seeing those words gave me a good scare.
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    Get a Sega folding bike!

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    I just lost all respect for Cartoon Network....

    Are you sure that kid who said that about Sony wasn't talking out his ass? I mean, I don't think Sony considers the PS2 a failure, it is winning the "console race" now, right? BTW, yes, that is a word.
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    Cannon Fodder

    This game is awesome. I think I even used it here for a "Guess the Game" thread once. :)
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    US Christmas Nights

    I bought one two weeks after Christmas that year at a Blockbuster for $5.
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    Weird request

    I can't take the pictures, but for someone that could, which side of the ruller would you want? Inches or *meters?
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    Bad Boys 2

    Damnit, I really wanted Bad Boys 2 to fail. Over advertised and seemed to be forced on everyone more that Matrix Reloaded was.
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    Post Your Desktop Wallpaper!

    Well, if this isn't closed and this is hosted on my site (speaking of which, Ice, read your PMs) then here's mine: If this topic is changed or closed, then um, scroll down and ignore my post.
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    Whats the dumbest electronic thing you have done?

    One time we were out of wax paper. I wanted Chef Bioridia's Raviolies. We had tin foil though. Many lighting bolts followed... BTW, did I mention I suck at spelling?