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    Line of Fire... 3D?

    Thanks for the reply, seems like I have to get that one as well then.
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    Line of Fire... 3D?

    I'm having a really hard time finding any accurate info about the 3D-games for the Master... Is there a 3D mode to be found in Line of Fire, utilizing the 3D-glasses? If this isn't just a rumour is there more games that have "hidden" 3D-modes?
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    The Dreamcast Mouse

    Got it a day or two ago... haven't tried it. Maybe I should've researched this before getting it, but I felt there was still space to be filled in the "worthless accessory"-shelf. :)
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    New nextgen Sonic pictures :)

    This might be a little of topic, but is he still called Dr.Robotnik? I can't recall if that's what he's called in the Sonic Adventure games (if he's in them), and I have no idea about the portable Sonics (DS, GBA). Hope the game will be good, long time since Sonic appeared in a good game, IMO.
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    The Dreamcast Mouse

    I bidded on a mouse for the Dreamcast, this was just a couple of days ago so I haven't got it yet. The idea was to get the Keyboard aswell (it's a real sad story how I failed to get it and it wen't for 3 SEK, which is a little less then 50 cents)... anyway: What games uses the mouse? Just the...
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    Tennis 2K2 / Virtua Tennis 2 / Power Smash 2

    Only downside to the Virtua Tennis-games in my opinion was that you couldn't play 5 set matches. And that the computerplayers were so tough. ;) Great 2-4 player game.
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    Again new Sega Handheld Console

    I hope it has Snail Maze built in. :)... Not that pricy either, just waiting for the European release. Edit: Oooh, just checked the pricetag. gameslist and the pictures when I first posted... all those games built in, seems like pretty strange choices to me. Some of those games weren't even...
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    Was Ikari Warriors released for the Master? I had no idea. Haha, I really enjoy Ghostbusters, it's nice with games you can finnish in 10-20 minutes. Think it's the game plugged in my Master right now. I don't own them glasses yet (I have the games for 'em though, except SH3D and Outrun 3D)...
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    Y's The Vanished Omens

    Y's The Vanished Omens I have this one! Haven't played it that much though, it's the nextnext game I'm going for on the Master though. :blink: (Golden Axe Warriors and Phantasy Star is above it in my "playlist") I haven't got an exact hold of how the fights work in this one (got it earlier...
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    The BBS Days

    Remember BBSes? I'm still pretty active on one. :)
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    50/60hz mod

    I visited DjoeN's page in hope of finding a 50/60hz mod guide for the first Sega Master System, I searched the forum... I googled. And I can't find one, anyone here on SX done one? Or know of a guide, would really appreciate it.
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    What's up with the forumlistings?

    What's up with the forumlistings? Thanks! :) Never noticed that option before, and I have no recollection of messing with it; that's how that post came about, I'm glad things are back to the way they should be.
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    Zelda–Link’s Awakening,Sheer Awesomeness! *Spoiler

    Your post (well the start of it, didn't read the whole thing, sorry. ;)) really made me wan't to play this game again. 3 MONTHS!? You must've played that tune you liked far too much, that was the downside with this game in my opinion it had a ridiculus difficulty level. I borrowed it for seven...
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    What's up with the forumlistings?

    What's up with the forumlistings? I've looked around for options for the board to look as it did before, but I couldn't find it. Is it out there and I'm just too retarded? I can't say I like the new way to view the board where I have to click 250 times in a thread to have read all of it...
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    Puru Puru Pack

    I'm one of the unfaithful ones who got me a Tremorpack (thirdparty rumble), and I was wondering; the official Sega rumble is it as short as the VMU? As it is now the Tremor sticks up about an inch+ over the VMU (exact same lenght as the Nexus 16x though) Someone here pherhaps owns both an...
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    Dreamcast Link Cable

    Daytona 2K1 has support for it aswell (AFAIK).
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    Mortal Kombat games

    It only loads when you "finnish him/her" (the game halts for <1 sec), other than that I can't remember any of the other flaws your mentioning. But that alone makes it a laughable port, I'll give you that.
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    Questions about the Master System

    Of course it's worth getting one, they're too cheap not to get. :) And as you already know(?) the best Sonic game exists only for the Master System (maybe the GG-version is the same, I don't really know). I'm gonna hijack this thread for some Master System questions of my own. The MarkIII had...
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    Yeah, but I've been hearing about colorbleeding, gammaproblems etc etc... It has to support it? S-Video will go in to this box and out a VGA-cable... and that won't work with all games? I can't even grasp what happens to the signal inside the mystery box, but I really had hoped not to limit...
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    Recently I've been thinking about getting me a VGA-box, seems to be a jungle out there. And I pretty much heard some bad things about all of which I've checked out. My main reason is that my TV can't handle the resolutions of either the Saturn Hi-res or just about any DC game (the screen...