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    Hell ya! Super Bowl! Can't wait for the game. The rest of you probably don't care about the Seahawks though, but thats cool. HAWKS HAWKS HAWKS!
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    Sega CD help

    I just got a Sega CD, but there's one problem: the music in games doesn't work. The sound effects in the games work but the music won't, I don't know what's wrong. I have everything hooked up for bothe the Genesis and the Sega CD, the only thing that I'm missing is the metal plate that attaches...
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    FS: Model 1 Saturn

    I have here for sale a Model 1 Saturn with power cord only, no other hookups. The system works great, tested it myself. The only thing that is wrong with it is that when you close the lid it is still popped up a little on the left hand side. Since it does this the cd drive won't spin cds, but I...
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    ZSNES online play

    Does anyone else play ZSNES online here besides me? And if you do how about playing sometime or setting up some sort of tournament? Like a Super Bomberman 2 tournament or some fighting game tournament or something.
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    Dumping through controller port 2

    I remember seeing somewhere on the net where it said that you can dump Genesis roms through controller port 2. I was wondering if anyone here knows how to do this or if someone could point me in the right dirrection. Thanks.
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    SNES GOTM January:Super Scope 6

    How about Super Scope 6 for SNES GOTM for January. I have always liked this game. The Super Scope was an awesome accesory and with six different games to use it on, on one cartridge all I can say is hell ya. Post your thoughts and experiences with this game. I think it's about time for me to...
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    Where's a good place

    Where's a good place Topic. And also where is a good place to get an MVS to AES converter?
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    Mario Cartoons

    Well, you have Zelda cartoons for download. How about putting some Mario ones up? Like from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Super Mario Bros. 3 (the cartoon), Super mario World (the cartoon), etc.
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    .mpeg or .avi to .cpk

    How do I convert a .mpeg or .avi file to a .cpk file? I got the converter to convert .cpk files to work in Windows Media player, but I can't change files back to .cpk. Any help would be appreciated.