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    Lunar:Silver Story mp3 question

    I downloaded Lunar: The Silver Star Story for SegaCD, but I only got the ISO. Were there any MP3's along with it, if so, can anyone tell me what they were so maybe I can get them on KaZaA or WinMX? Or if you really want I'll set up an FTP for SegaCD and 3DO... Thanks in advance!
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    SegaCD Memory cartridges...

    As the title describes, does anyone know if you get a developer cartridge, if you can make it into a memory cartrdige for SegaCD? I really wouldn't see why not, unless it needs a file system or something. If so, does anyone have a ROM for it? As I have been scouring the Net and I've found few...
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    ATT Broadband FTP/Sega CD cases/serial mouse?

    I will just go in order. Is anyone running an FTP running it off of AT&T Broadband? If so, do you have to have a limit on the upload? In other words, is there anything I should do to avoid notice, so they don't question my usage of the internet? (Reason: I have 20 gigs to devote to SegaCD...