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    The frustration!!

    I had a similar problem on my Sega CD. I found that using a lower burning speed fixed it. You also have to make sure that you ar only using one region code. Click the clear other region codes in satconv. I can't guarentee it will work, but it's the best I have to offer.
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    IBarracudaI, Racketboy: I plan on it. I don't think I'll ever be as well versed as mal and Ex-Cyber (i.e. their attempt at installing a 21-pin mod in a 20-pin asturn by finding out where the pins are leading too) but I will be able to help family and friends and other board members with their...
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    I just want to thank you all for all the help you've given. Thanks to you guys, I've completed my sega collection. Modded my saturn (on my own, thanks to mal's discovery) and learned a lot. These boards are a great service to the sega community.
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    Man, you guys are amazing. I cannot thank you enough. EDIT: I counted the square one, with my glasses ON thistime, yeah its eighty. My mistake. <_<
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    Okay, I have read over the modding threads and now I'm even more confused. I have a Model 2 Saturn (round buttons) with a non twisted 21-pin cable (between the main and cd boards). It says MK-80000A but on the back of the case, and all the other posts said they were 64pin IC's w/ two square...
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    Sega Netlink

    If someone were using a sega saturn emulator, could you use netplay?
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    Where can one get Half Life for DC? Is it an ISO from somewhere like DCHomebrew or is it for sale?