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    Translating Ys 1

    The PSP / TG-16 scripts could be used as a base I suppose
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    Sakura Wars English Translation Discussion

    There's no .bin and .cue version of the patch, which means it doesn't run in certain emulators
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    Translating Grandia

    Has there been any progress on the Digital Museum disc?
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    Translating Lunar Silver Star Story

    any chance of putting out a version with subbed FMV cutscenes? or is subbing the FMV cutscenes difficult?
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    Tengai Makyou - Test translation by Retro dad and modern lad

    That looks pretty nice
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    Magic Knight Rayearth UJ Final Version [Region Free]

    I think what is most useful would be adding English subtitles to the FMV cutscenes so that the plot is easier to follow. That would make this version preferable over the WD release.