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    Geno in brawl?

    Just wondering what you guys think about the possibility of Geno being in the upcoming Brawl. They did just delay it, so I'm guessing that he still stands a chance. Perhaps he'll make an entrance as an unlockable secret character. Would be awesome, have wanted him in this game for a long time now ;D
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    Think it's possible for us to see Geno in Brawl?

    We have Snake in brawl. Why not Geno from "Super Mario RPG The Legend of the Seven Stars". This was the very first game that Nintendo and Square made together (i think, correct me if I'm wrong). And is also the first RPG Mario had starred in (correct me again if I'm wrong). If implemented he...
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    Nintendo's Smart Move

    Bye bye PSP! You've been bragging about your internet browser and awesome media cababilities. Yet still the DS has outsold you 10:1! And now Nintendo has decided to add a internet browser, music player, something that lets you watch your favorite TV shows, and rumor has it a camera! Sony made...
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    zSNES Emulator

    I downloaded the zSNES Emulator and extracted it. I then open the emulator and a screen appeared that looked like it was from 50 years ago. It was all blocky and there were the two exact screens there! I'm getting pissed! I've been googling it, and I've seen pictures of the zSNES emulator in...
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    Does anybody have some cool small animations they could give me? Like this one...
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    How will RPG's work?

    How will RPG's work? Will you have to swing your sword for every attack? Geez... 100 hours of swinging my arms? I sure hope not...
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    Super Mario RPG

    It's easy to say that Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars is one of the greatest games of all time. Not only does the game have superb graphics, an awesome soundtrack, and an awesome storyline, but it was also designed by Square, or now, Square Enix. Square did a great job turning a Mario...