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    Exhumed / Power Slave for PC

    if someone got that Game for the PC, plz PM me!!!
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    Locked tracks in MSR

    hi, I've recently played through MSR on the Dreamcast, I've beaten every race, I wasn't using any cheats or cheat vehicles, still some tracks are locked, about 10 I think, how is one supposed to unlock those???
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    Riglord Saga 2 Translation?

    well Riglord Saga (or Mystaria) was one of my most beloved games back then (it's not so much any more cause I played it through about 10 times ;) ) I was always aware of Riglord Saga 2 existing as a Japanese version... well I could recently get my hands on one of those, so I seriously doubt it...
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    DC UT Maps on PC???

    is it possible to convert the Maps from DC UT into .unr files to play them on the PC??? or is there a DC Mappack like for PC Q3??? I would like to play those maps on my PC very much :D anyone can help?
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    DC Video Output

    why do I only get a black Screen if I plug my Dreamcast into my PC TV-Card??? the same method worked fine for my Sega Saturn...
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    Transfer Saves to PC / Prob with mem card

    first, I've got that Original Sega Memory Cart for my Sega Saturn, I've put it in today and what did I see, nothing!!!, all saves gone, and I can't copy any files from the intern Memory to the ram cart and the games don't recognize it as connected... HOW THE F*** DID THIS HAPPEN???? (I assume...
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    32 or 64 pin Sega Saturn?

    is there any possibility to differ between a 32 and a 64 pin controller chip Sega Saturn Model without looking inside it???? I've got 2 Sega Saturn machines, one is the old model with the drive/access light (this one has got a 20 Pin Cable anyway) the other is the newer Model (with round...
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    32X CD Emu???

    hi, is there any Emu out there that is capable of playing those 32X CD Games??? it tryed Gens, didn't work for me...anyone got something? THX
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    Afterburner 32X on Gens???

    Did someone got Afterburner 32X to run on Gens??? I've got both the US-NTSC & EU-PAL Versions of the Rom and the corresponding BIOS Files for Gens, but the game does not run :(( anyone got any ideas why?? Edit: Also BC Racer 32X won't start, I see the SEGA Logo and the next text screen, then...
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    Need help with the VCD Card

    I've recently got a VCD Card for my Sega Saturn (both PAL) I've burned a VCD (using NERO) but if I put in the CD and turn the Sega Saturn on it goes to BIOS/CD-Player Screen and says "Disc requires System Application" what did I do wrong??? anybody, plz help!!!
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    Gamebuster Probs

    a very long time ago I've bought a Gamebuster Modul (same as Action Replay) for the first 5-6 Month's it did a good job, but afterwards it would not work at all... actually it stopped working after removing it from the Sega Saturn and pluging it back in a couple of times ... :( does someone...
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    Mod for 21 Pin Cable 32 Pin Chip

    is there a Mod Chip for a Sega Saturn which has a 21 Pin Cable and a 32 Pin Chip??? If not, is there a way to tell which Saturn has a 32 or 64 Pin Chip on the Board without opening it??? Cause if there is no way to mod a 21/32 Pin Saturn, I would consider buying a 21/64 Model. It's really...
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    NGEmu is down

    NGEmu is a great Site and down temporarily due to financial problems. There's a Paypal donation link on the page. The site always had hot news on Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast Emu developement and other non-sega Systems as well. Let's hope it gets going again.
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    NBA JAM TE for 32X

    is there an emulator out there that can play the NBA JAM TE 32X rom??? I love this game but my original game is fucked up :((( I would love to play it again... Can someone help me out?
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    Important Question

    is it allowed to ask questions about the Modchip for the Sega Saturn here?
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    Important Question

    is there a way to convert the "Completed Save" from Shining Force 3 Part (PAL) to a Japanese Save.... since I've got the 1st Part as a PAL game a can not use the Completed Save Game in the Japanese Part 2.... I don't think there is a way to do that myself, but just in case there is one ^^...
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    Very Important Question!

    I'm planning to build up a Homepage with Genesis RPG-Roms Downloads (using eDonkey and FTP (Direct) Downloads) my question is: Is it legal, or is it still illegal ? (i mean genesis is REALY old, I can't think of Sega still wanting to sell some games) I need a sure answer :-)