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    Hi, Oh men!!!!! Asterix of master system is a gem!!!!!! Colorfull graphics, great action, you can choose asterix or obelix depending the level. With Shinobi are my two best games for Master System and of course my favourite asterix game on any system.This game shows the potential of master...
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    Does spiderman web of fire 32x work on a pal 32x?

    I´m not 100% sure, but i think this game not have region lock, but for example darxide is an european 32x game and don´t run on a ntsc 32x. Please if anyone have spiderman web on fire and runs it on a 32x pal, tell to us. Bye. SEGA, THE GAME IS NEVER OVER!!!
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    Really Vic Viper? That sounds great !!!!! Please if you find the website for make the modification or pictures to do it, please send to us. I don´t want to open my ONLY 32X for try things that not are 100% confirmed. Meanwhile thanks for all and rememeber: SEGA, THE GAME IS NEVER OVER!!!!!
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    Genesis woes

    Hi. Perhaps your unit is in perfect state. Try to use another power supply, like an universal adaptor or another genesis supply unit. Maybe your power supply have a trouble in the conector (broken cable that make contact sometimes....)and not give the power when you want. Try it, good luck...
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    Hi, first sorry for my poor english. I´ve got a PAL 32X and a couple of PAL games for it, plugged in a megadrive PAL model 1. The megadrive have the switch to select 50/60hz, but the 32X games only runs correctly when the switch is in 50hz mode. If you put the switch in 60 hz mode, the game...