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    Dreamcast VGA Cables and Extension Cables

    I've branched out a bit into a few Dreamcast goods. Dreamcast VGA Cables - $13.95 Dreamcast Extension Cables - $4.95 Shipping is a flat $4.95 no matter how much you order and where you live Email me if you have questions.
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    NiGHTS Into Dreams Coming to Revolution?

    Here's another rumor (from Famitsu this time) for you to chew on... NiGHTS Into Dreams Sequel for Nintendo Revolution?
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    Sega To Release a New Handheld?

    Word on the street is that Sega will be releasing a new gaming handheld, but instead of directly competing with the GBA, PSP, and DS, it will be geared more toward emulating classic Sega systems in addition to playing media files. The original French page My best attempt at an English...
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    Sonic Xtreme LEAKED? early April Fools or no?
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    Sega Genesis Games To Be On Nintendo Revolution!

    Today Nintendo announced that many of Sega's most popular Genesis/Megadrive games will be availible for download via the Nintendo Revolution's Virtual Console. Some of Hudson's TurboGrafix16/PC Engine games will also be availible as well. Looks like the Revolution is getting more appealing as...
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    What Are The Best MegaDrive Games?

    They can be games that were either released in Japan or Europe, etc. Just not as a US Genny release. Help us Americans broaden our horizons :)
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    Longest Load Time EVER! I'm at a lack of words
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    Another New Dreamcast Shooter?

    Currently, "Last Hope" is only availible as an expensive and limited homebrew Neo-Geo AES cartridge. But the development team has revealed that they are planning both a Neo-Geo CD and a Dreamcast port. This would be a great follow-up to the upcoming Radilgy and Under Defeat. However, no solid...
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    WTB: Genesis AV Cable and AC Adapter

    Anybody have some spares? I need one of each. I have an RF adapter, bt would like a standard AV cable -- stereo sound, please And I don't know what happened to my AC adapter. I have two of them for the SNES (and I don't have a console), but I can't find one for my Genny :(
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    What Games Actually Pushed the 3DO to its limits?

    I'm thinking about picking up a 3DO but am wondering what games really took advantage of the system's hardware? What games had the best graphics, etc? Not talking about gameplay here -- just technical stuff...
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    How To Open/Burn Game Images Without CUE Sheet

    My new guide I'm also hosting Sega CUE Maker on my site. Lemme know if you have any questions or additions! This works for Sega Saturn, Sega CD, and Neo-Geo CD games
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    New Screens for Panzer Dragoon on PS2

    No more jaggies! Yes, the classic Saturn titles is getting a slight graphical upgrade on an upcoming PS2 release. Read and see more! What do you guys think? I know the screens are small right now, but it looks to be the perfect balance of graphical improvement while maintaining the...
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    What are the most demanding SMS games?

    What games pushed the SMS hardware the most? And what aspects of the game pushed them most? Thanks!
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    Javascript Help -- IE Being Stupid

    I'm putting in some collapsibile category menus on my right-hand column of my blog: See here In Firefox, the menu seems to work fine. However, in IE the "Platforms" one is just displayed like it's always expanded and doesn't collapse. Here's the main Javascript routine in the HEAD area...
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    Top 20 Retro Games of 2005

    I just did my write-up of the top 20 Retro releases of 2005 Full Article Please Digg the Article at Here's the quick list: Capcom Classics Collection - PS2/XB Gunstar Super Heroes - GBA Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow - DS Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time - DS Lumines - PSP Meteos...
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    Sega To Re-Release the Dreamcast?!?

    Read it for yourself at Engadget I've been hoping for something similar to this for a while (read my piece on console re-releases for more info). Not sure what the chances are they they make small improvements for it like making it quieter and offering wireless controllers for it.
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    Can't Download Invision Board

    Can't Download Invision Board I wanted to fool around with Invision board on my site, but I seem to be having problems. I tried creating an account on this page but the new customer link doens't seem to work. So because of this I can't...
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    Anybody Played Scorched Earth?

    Has anybody played this old game? It's basically the father of games like Worms and Death Tank. I saw it was still on my old 286 in my parent's basement. Possibly the best DOS game ever? :D
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    Want Wireless Saturn and Dreamcast Controllers?

    Are you interested in getting wireless Saturn or Dreamcast controllers? I know I am. (read my blog post for more info). If you would like to see Messiah Entertainment produce either one or both of these, please let them know on their Contact Us Page Lets make it happen!
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    Is it possible to put a quieter fan in the DC?

    It would be great if I could quiet down my Dreamcast. Anybody done it before?