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    A place to trade in PAL Video Games

    Can anyone recommend a place to trade in PAL Video Games. I have a few that I cant do anything with since I live in the states and use NTSC. Thanks in advance.
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    PSO Home Network

    Does anyone have information if it is possible to build a home network to play PSO via lan connection? How awesome would it be to play 4 player PSO in one room. Is it even possible? I know that there are alot of issues regarding this, but does anyone have any info? Thanks in advance.
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    PAL Games for PS2

    Whats up guys.I havent posted in a long time but I read often.Im selling a few PAl games I got my hands on.Most you are smart enough to know that you need a pal system to play pal games so enough of that and on with the goods. I have SSX3, The Lord Of The Rings:The Return Of The King...
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    How much should I pay for Shining Force 1

    Im just wondering whats decent price range for SF1 with box and manual.
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    Shinning force 3

    is there such thing as european version of all the scenarios. I've heard of these but im not sure if its fact or fiction. can someone clear this up.
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    printer drivers

    im looking for a driver for a hp laserjet 1000 can anyone help me?
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    cue sheet maker

    Does anyone know where I can find the sega saturn cue sheet maker?
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    Model 1 and Model 2 Saturns

    I just want to know the main differences from both systems.
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    Shinning Force 3 Translation

    What exactly is translated with the patch has anyone tried it or know where to get info on it?
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    Sega Arcade game

    I remember playing an arcade game when i was very young. Im unsure of all everything I remember but it was a game with four player action everything joystick was different color. I think it was a sega game but im unsure. there was little characters with jetpacks that would fly up and down the...