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  1. J

    Rare stuff that you are proud to call your own...

    ill give ya a dolla.
  2. J

    Next Generation Consoles Are they really?

    well, it's simple. games now are all about quantity not quality. some companies are about quality, but most arent.
  3. J

    Not to rebel but...

    set up an email specifically for roms and isos. also, im sure that if you delete the FTP section, people looking for FTPs on search engines wont find the site. which means that people wont be coming here for that reason. or if they hear from a friend then the friend can tell them that SX isnt...
  4. J

    Getting e-screwed

    hey, anyone else notice that the page to view an item says that bidding in an auction is a leaglly binding contract? if it was that big of a deal, like something worth a few hundred but sold for much much less and you really wanted it. you can prolly do something about it in the courts.
  5. J

    Can anyone help me find a file?

    i didnt say that is what it was ALL about. just seems to be the main point. that being the "preservation" of sega by helping people get new games and to continue to play sega systems and games. with this i see this site's main point being to have people set up ftps and share their games. to...
  6. J

    Can anyone help me find a file?

    well i guessed these boards are mainly about file sharing because there is always about 2-3 people in the ftp area to every 1 in the general. i once saw like 13 in ftp but only like 2-3 in general. it's true, they might have mostly been guests. but this still means that the main point that most...
  7. J

    Can anyone help me find a file?

    pirating is the illegal distribution of copyrighted software. what the hell do you call downloading video games off an ftp? and by everyone, i ment that because the whole point of these boards it seems is to trade ftp info with others and share pirated games.
  8. J

    Can anyone help me find a file?

    heh, its funny on someone gets banned for asking for a free copy of a game that isnt for a sega system. i bet if he asked for a free game for sega saturn you wouldnt be as mad. im not taking sides, i just find it amusing how someone gets banned for being a pirate when that is what every here is...
  9. J

    Piracy, and lies...

    the CG was mediocre?! most people couldnt even tell the difference...... the suit was even made to where it looked CG. but the movie did rock. and my theater has one of those signs that say "Piracy is against the law." and has a picture of a pirate with the circle and slash over it. it's funny...
  10. J

    Episode ii *may be some spoilers*

    tickets went on sale here at 11 am on wednesday, and i got the tickets at like 5. there was no one there either cept the few who camped to be first in line. then i went at like 9:30 pm or so and waited till 12:05 to go in. but when i got there the line was pretty long. and here they sold out 3...
  11. J

    Stolen dc

    then hire ninjas to hunt down and kill them and return your stuff.
  12. J

    Episode ii *may be some spoilers*

    there was another guy that they made a refrence to during the movie, i cant put my finger on his name at the moment but there are 2 villians that are highly likely to be the villian in the next one. venom being one. ill prolly think of the other later. who else here saw the movie at 12 am on...
  13. J

    New winmx

    think about this, if in kazaa's user notice thingy they dont mention anything about you agreeing that they can freely search your computer, then it is illegal which also means that nothing can happen to you. i cant seem to figure out why people seem to be that worried.
  14. J

    Episode ii *may be some spoilers*

    man, pirates. dont be pirating a movie that hasnt even be fucking released dick. wait a week or so. that way the movie can make back the money it spent. as for the movie, yoda rocked it. rocked it so much.
  15. J

    Ps2 mod

    to play cd-r vcds? no, my sister's and one of my friend's dvd players plays them fine. i converted the avi files to mpegs and then burned them. and why wouldnt a mod-cip which can play all region dvd's and dvd-r and rw's not play a cd-r vcd?
  16. J

    I hate sony just as much as the next...

    i dont care about friends online that much. and as for "correct english," there isnt one. if you wanna be correct, speak latian, or roman, or greek, or something from the start of man. and about being smarter, i dont mean book smarts. i mean common sense.
  17. J

    I hate sony just as much as the next...

    ok....1) i cant possibly care about capatalization, takes too much time to hit the shift key. 2) this is where im supposed to be scared right? i seem to forget that part. and 3) so when i say that england sucks, i should say "england are the stupidest country?" in stead of "england is the...
  18. J

    Ps2 mod

    it should play the CDRW. and about the VCD, yeah sometimes it doesnt work, but whatd you burn the VCD with? some programs like nero dont burn the VCD correctly. i know that if you use Easy CD Creator 5 Platnium then itll work.
  19. J

    I hate sony just as much as the next...

    yes, but they are a single group. like saying a "crowd have." it isnt what you say since it is ONE crowd. sony is ONE company. as is sega. if you wanna check, then ask an english professor or somenoe like that.
  20. J

    Saturn floppy drive needed

    im guessing itd cost a kidney too. and since it works with the network adaptor too then if you and a friend and one back in the day then you could transfer highscores and such online. could sell a kidney on ebay like that one guy did.