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    Yes, it was funny. Just that.
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    What is your favorite console generation?

    16 bit!! MegaDrive and SuperNintendo!!
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    I've founded a SEGA Team in the future BOINC SETI@Home platform. Well, now it's in Beta. You can join :) URL of the team: Could be deleted with the official release :( but if no t we could have a great team.
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    Crazy Taxi

    I have it for Dreamcast and GameCube, it's great!!
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    Ah forget it
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    It's not necessary, a boot cd is enough
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    Stuck on Skies of Arcadia

    You have to go to the west?? Horteka?? I don't remember exactly. I finished it twice :) After the red gigas, yes... you have to go to the South Sea, then to the west to Horteka.
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    Sega Ages changes

    I didn't do the logo. Just taken from the internet, thought to be official. I find it nice, and there's no link ;)
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    Anime you MUST watch!

    Add: - Hellsing - Mezzo DSA - Irresponsible Captain Tylor - Lodoss War (the two) - X TV - Millenium Actress (!!) - Chobits
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    Sega Ages changes

    Phantasy Star is great!
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    The Best Genesis Games

    Phantasy Star 4!!!
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    how many people preorderd ikaruga!

    it's basically a sequel to Radiant Silvergun, basically one of the greatest space shooters of all time[/b] Thank you very much
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    how many people preorderd ikaruga!

    I have a Cube too but I don¡t know how's Ikaruga? How's Ikaruga? What is about?
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    Your thoughts on...

    I love the Genesis/Saturn controller.
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    Phantasy Star

    Phantasy Star 3 was like FF8, the rare one in the saga. But I was good indeed. The best, The End of the Millenium.
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    Chu Chu Rocket

    No, I went one day there. It's fun but I cannot connect with my Dreamcast.
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    any know of a genesis emu..

    Gens is pretty good, check
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    Offical Dreamcast Magazine

    Also in Spain
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    Interesting Secret Found in Sonic Adventure 2

    I knew that before and it's cool
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    Help playing Shenmue 2

    I dont need a bootdisk I'm European