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  1. slinga

    What Does MiSTer Mean For Saturn Reversing?

    What does MiSTer mean for Sega Saturn reversing? I'm 100% a software guy, just wondering. Does it mean the interaction between the CD drive and the SH-1 are fully documented?
  2. slinga

    Balloonatics Thread

    I created a new build that hopefully fixes the SSMTF pre-title screen. It sounds dumb but it's important to me to get that right at least. The fish is supposed to ominously come up and look around, then descend back down. On emulators it works, on real hardware the water doesn't render and the...
  3. slinga

    2D Collision Detection with Multiple Objects

    Hi all, I'm chugging along on my contest entry and I'm still stuck on how to do 2d collision detection with multiple objects. My game objects include players (1-12), enemies (0-10?), obstacles (0-5?), and ground (1-10?). All objects are using rectangular bounding boxes.I have AABB collision...
  4. slinga

    Writing to the Action Replay?

    I made some progress attempting to RLE01 compress\decompress the Action Replay's save data. I'm not familiar with how to flash the save data back to the cart however. My naive approach (I was hoping it would at least work in Yabause and fail on real hardware) was to do something like this...
  5. slinga

    Repairing Saturn Floppy Disk Drive (FDD) Help

    I ordered a Sega Saturn floppy disk drive from eBay. The seller claims it worked before shipping. I'm not seeing any lights flash, any fans spin, anything. When I boot the FDD cd the drive is not detected. Things I have tried: 1) Using a multimeter on the original AC adapter. I'm having...
  6. slinga

    Action Replay Save Format?

    I'm interested in supporting reading\writing directly to the Action Replay save data in Save Game Copier. Any documentation on how the data is stored? And how to detect an Action Replay is present? Thanks in advance.
  7. slinga

    Save Game Copier Features

    I need to still do some code cleanup but I'm pretty much done with adding features to my Save Game Copier (SGC). SGC can copy Sega Saturn save game files to and/or from internal memory, cartridge memory, external devices (e.g. Sega Saturn Floppy Disk Drive), Satiator ODE, and CD. More advanced...
  8. slinga

    Simplest Way to Add Files to Saturn ISO?

    I'm trying to insert a save game file into the Save Game Copier ISO without having to recompile. When I used Windows I believe Magic ISO let me insert files and save it as a valid Saturn ISO. When trying on Linux with mkisofs It looks like the file gets inserted, but the Saturn game header is...
  9. slinga

    Advice Finding Structure Data

    I'm trying to find the RGB data for builtin wrestlers in Fire Pro Wrestling and I've hit a wall. By RGB data I mean literally the data stored with the wrestler template. See this image: You can see that they are 34 RGB values. For the user created wrestlers the structure looks like the...
  10. slinga

    Save Game Metadata Questions

    @EmeraldNova has been testing my Save Game Copier re-write. He noticed that the Panzer Dragoon Zwei save didn't work when copied. One theory I had is that the comment on the save (which appears to change based on your in-game rank) was invalid. Also highly possible I still have bugs in my code...
  11. slinga

    Fire Pro Save Game Structure

    I've made a little bit of progress understanding the FPS:6MS save format. Basically my strategy is to edit something in a CAW and diff the changes in the save. It appears to be working but it's slow. I've also figured out the checksum. Here are my results so far: // 20308 bytes in internal...
  12. slinga

    Save Game Extractor: Backup Saves Via Audio

    I just released the first beta of my latest project, Save Game Extractor (SGEX). SGEX transmits your saves via audio and let's you reassemble them on your PC. Save Game Extractor (SGEX) Transmit Sega Saturn save game files as audio to backup on a PC. Based on the amazing minimodem. Currently...
  13. slinga

    Crowd Sourcing Saturn 480p Output Compatbility

    I created a thread on Reddit to crowd source 480p compatibility with various cables and upscaler combinations. If anyone has some cables I don't have access to (I tested composite, Euro SCART + OSSC, and HD Retrovision component cables) I would appreciate it if you could test it out for me. The...
  14. slinga

    Streaming PCM Examples?

    I'm struggling to finish my latest project. I ported minimodem to the Saturn in an attempt to be able to retrieve save games over audio (to assist with fan translation projects). Here's a demo video video if you are interested. I have a few major issues: 1) I don't know how to stream PCM audio...
  15. slinga

    slPCMOn() Format Specification

    Sorry to keep spamming about slPCMOn(). I'm struggling with the documentation in the "SGL Developer's Manual." I'm trying to port code that currently uses Alsa with the following parameters: SND_PCM_FORMAT_S16_LE, SND_PCM_ACCESS_RW_INTERLEAVED, 1 channel, and I can modify the rate to 8000 or...
  16. slinga

    Minimum Size for slPCMOn?

    I'm having some weird results while trying to output audio with jo_audio_play_sound_on_channel() which is basically a wrapper for slPCMOn(). It seems like if my sound buffer is too small I don't hear anything at all. It seems like I need something like ~50,000 bytes or I don't hear anything...
  17. slinga

    Floating Point Questions

    I want to port some code to Saturn that makes use of floating point instructions. I've never used floating point before and I understand the Saturn does not have an FPU. In an ideal scenario I would like to be able to link to libm and have everything work even if it's slow. Is that possible? 1)...
  18. slinga

    480p Homebrew Source Code Examples?

    Starting a new thread to not hijack the other one, Anyone have example source code to set 480p mode? 1) Charles MacDonald has a resolution demo here: Progressive hires test demo?. But it doesn't include source code. 2) MacDonald had an entry in the "C4 - 2006 Context" that is described as "A...
  19. slinga

    Jo Engine: JO_480p Makefile Option

    I threw a ticket in for this, figured I'd bug Ponut here as well. I was looking at different resolutions for Jo Engine and I had a few questions. I am a complete noob on resolutions so I could very well be completely wrong. JO_480p seems to be misnamed. While the Saturn does have a high...