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    How do you guys want to take it?

    So, I've got both Grandia OST 1 and OST 2, two discs each. I plan to rip it with Exact Audio Copy and my Lite-On burner. EAC is not exactly fast, but it does a good job. But what do I compress them to after that? MP3 (via LAME), WMA9, Ogg Vorbis, or MP4 (one of the newer AAC implementations and...
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    Single card SLI

    Linky It is interesting, and for the short term may provide a better price/performance than two card SLI solutions or even perhaps single card higher end cards. But that remains to be seen. At least it might provide a high performance solution cheaper than the highest end cards, while still...
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    ATI tries shared memory again

    Fancified Shared Memory with a new name. Thanks ATI. Alright, it's not exactly your typical shared memory solution. They're using the superior speed of PCI Express, combined with some on-card memory (hopefully at least half), and smart algorithms to try and get the textures on the card when...
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    California necrophiliacs are out of luck

    California finally joins the rest of the Union in making sex with corpses illegal. That's not the worst part. Turns out this isn't the first time they tried to do this. They actually had a previous attempt last year that failed to go through... that's just wrong. What kind of people do they put...
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    The audio monster in your video card

    More at BionixFX, including a press release in PDF format.
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    Flash player ported to Dreamcast

    Scherzo has released a Flash player for Dreamcast. It's a port of GPLFlash, not the official Flash player, so it isn't going to be 100% compatible. It currently isn't all that fast, and does not have sound. Despite that, it is still pretty interesting, and he plans on work on it more. There's a...
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    Shadow Squadron 32X cart

    Does anyone want Shadow Squadron for the 32X? Cart only, but in excellent shape. I tested it and it works perfectly. I already have Shadow Squadron, and this came in a bundle with a couple of other games I bought. So I'm not really asking anything for it, just shipping cost.
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    Selling 7200RPM 40GB HD

    I figured I'd ask if anyone here wanted to buy it before I sell it on ebay. It still works great, though its a bit noisy. Always has been. It's a Western Digital WD400BB 40GB 7200RPM drive. I'd already added a second HD (120GB), and now I've replaced this with a 160GB HD. It doesn't seem worth...
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    2005: A Dual-Core Odyssey

    Looks like both Intel and AMD are readying dual-core solutions for next year. Those chips are going to be smokin fast. Anyway, here's a little article on AMD's plans. I find this part especially interesting:
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    Father of Internet (Al Gore) wins $1.2 million

    Ok, ok, so the Al Gore part wasn't strictly true. Anyway, the guy that actually IS credited with being the father of the internet (Tim Berners-Lee) has been awarded US $1.2 million dollars. Story
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    Half-life 2 code thieves arrested?

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    Alienware dual PCIe GPU boards

    Dual GPU Alienware systems. Think voodoo 2, only more expensive. Well, at least they've captured the highest of the high-end. It *is* interesting, even if it is bound to be ridiculously costly. "Hmm, should I get a car, or buy one of those new Alienwares?"
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    X800 - I'd say "The Empire Strikes Back" here, but Nvidia is supposed to be the dark side... so I guess it's "Return of the Jedi".
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    Xbox 2 architecture

    X-bit Labs has an article on what looks like a preliminary system block diagram of the Xbox 2. It claims that they'll be using the 976 chips, which I suspected they might. Those are supposed to be dual-core chips, and they're using more than one of them? I dunno, but it is interesting to look...
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    I don't favor one company or the other, so it is more interesting for me. The FX line wasn't too impressive, but it is possible that their new cards will be what the GF4 Ti series was. That is to say, solid. The first volley is sailing through the air towards ATI, lets see how they reply.
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    NeoCD on Dreamcast

    Several coders have been working on porting the SDL version of NeoCD to Dreamcast as of late. There's a thread about it in the DCEmu dev section here and a larger thread about the 3rd release of it here.
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    New Sega arcade hardware

    Sega is finishing completion of their next-gen arcade hardware! Their new hardware again uses a graphics chip from PowerVR, although I have not seen any details on it. I'm just glad Sega has a new high-end arcade system - looks like they aren't going to be stuck using the Atomiswave for...
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    DeCSS no longer a trade secret

    "In the long running case between Andrew Bunner and the DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA), Bunner has ultimately prevailed. In handing down their decision, the court ruled that the DeCSS program had been so widely circulated on the Internet that it did not qualify as a trade secret...
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    I killed Sonic The Hedgehog

    That's right. I attacked, started biting, and finally ate Sonic the Hedgehog - and I did it many times!
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    New Half-Life key for sale!

    $10 for a new, unused HL key. You can use it to set up an account on Steam and by doing so you get free use of all first party games and Steam-compatible mods. This means Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress Classic, Deathmatch Classic, Opposing Force, Ricochet, and all...