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    Where can i get a replacement for the saturn controller ribbon cable?

    Hi I'm looking for a replacement of the controller ribbon cable on a model 2..mine has a bent pin.. I figure it's a 24 pin 1mm pitch, is that correct?
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    The making of lunar disc

    I was wondering the idea of converting the psx fmv disc "the making of lunar" to the Saturn 's CPK video format has been considered? Maybe using the saturn demo disc as a template to select different video file.. With the translation of lunar sss to the Sega Saturn.. I believe this would...
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    Soulhacker translation?

    Has anyone seen this tweet yet? Is just by exporting the 3ds script.. prettyI interesting
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    Mpeg card with saturn games

    I was wondering if the community has hacked or figured a way to use the mpeg card to be used for games that were not orginally designed for There was quite a few saturn games that were released on other platforms with superior FMV quality.. an example the game D was released on the 3DO...
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    X - J A P A N V I R T U A L S H O C K 001 minor translation patch

    Hi, I found this minor translation patch of X - J A P A N V I R T U A L S H O C K 001 on but I cant figure out on how to patch it. A readme file is included if anyone wants give it a shot
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    Any homebrew apps to view JPEG

    Hi ; I was wondering if there a way to view JPEG pictures on the Saturn? Would I need a VCD card? I know Saturn can play photo cd.. but I'm not sure how to create a photo cd disc/image