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    Mortal Kombat II - music sequence fix 1.0

    This little fix swaps the necessary game files to correct the reversed music tracks of the Wasteland, The Tower and The Pit II stages, thus making the music sequence of all the regular stages (minus the hidden Goro's Lair stage) more faithful to the original arcade version.
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    King of Fighters 95, 96, 97 (Sega Saturn)

    Something I always wondered. Is it possible that the Sega Saturn version of The King of Fighters '97 may still contain the non-Japanese languages in its data? Even if there's no way to select them, unlike in The King of Fighters '96. I have always been bothered about the fact that SNK...
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    (HELP) Translate the game "Phantasm"

    So, you mean that the "other scenes during the game" are done in the Sega Saturn in a straightforward manner pretty similar to the ones of the PC version, while the skull messages are the ones that differ the most and are Sega Saturn specific? Interesting they did that. Video (FMV) is pretty...
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    (HELP) Translate the game "Phantasm"

    I'm very interested on this project, as I love Phantasmagoria (well, adventure games in general, especially LucasArts and Sierra ones) and fortunately this got a Sega Saturn version. I wish some of them would have followed the same path. I own both the PC and Sega Saturn version of this game and...
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    Magic Knight Rayearth UJ Final Version [Region Free]

    Yeah, that's the previous version. The so called "UJ Final Version [Region Free]" seems like it wasn't preserved outside the old/deleted links and the user who did it is nowhere to be found. Sounds to me like this would have to be redone again, although the real improvement the Final Version...
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    Wolf4SDL for Sega Saturn

    It's supported, of course. It's a Wolf4SDL mod after all. But I suppose it's no simple mod. I have the feeling it deals with some tweaks to be able to handle a graphically better version of the game. Could you please give it...
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    Wolf4SDL for Sega Saturn

    What's the latest available version of Wolf4SDL for Sega Saturn? I know there was a conversion by vbt but that was several years ago and I don't know if there has been any development or improvement since then. Would it be possible to make Wolf4SDL for Sega Saturn work with advanced mods of...
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    June 2015 - Magic Knight Rayearth - Sega Saturn

    Again, that's the first version, not the final version done by the same person and which fixes some leftovers present in the first version. But apparently it doesn't seem possible to track down the final version unless the orginal authour appears from nowhere and reuploads it.
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    Asuka 120 % Limit Over (SAT) translated

    Translating fighting games is always a good thing since they are usually dismissed because of being just fighting games. The Sega Saturn has several Capcom and SNK fighting games which could really benefit of a translation coming from other translated versions.
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    June 2015 - Magic Knight Rayearth - Sega Saturn

    Yeah, but there's an improved version of the undub (the previous version has some leftover text in Japanese among other things) which seems to be lost as it was only uploaded to the old Megaupload. It's a shame it can't be retrieved back as the person who did it is nowhere to be found.
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    June 2015 - Magic Knight Rayearth - Sega Saturn

    It wasn't released in Europe at all. This was released in North America after Deep Fear was released in Europe, which was the last European release. By the way, I have been looking for this "UJ Final Version" and haven't found a way to get it by any mean...
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    Alundra port/clone

    How is this going along? Really interested in the possible outcome of such a monumental effort like this. It would certainly be a fantastic game for the Sega Saturn.
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    wolfenstein demo for sega genesis

    Nice. You are going pretty fast with this. :happy: To be honest, I wouldn't use any of those weapon graphics and instead would opt for the SNES weapon graphics as you said, since they look much better and way less blurry/pixelated than the original PC ones. In fact, those weapon graphics are...
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    wolfenstein demo for sega genesis

    I have just tested it and yes, it works like a charm. Very promising effort indeed.
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    Sega Saturn Tech. Demo: Astrocade

    Great! Thank you! :happy:
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    Sega Saturn Tech. Demo: Astrocade

    I wish he does, but he is not answering private messages unfortunately. :(
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    Sega Saturn Tech. Demo: Astrocade

    I would like to download this, but link is dead. Any chance of reuploading it?
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    Policenauts Hacked :D

    We have already a Spanish translation in the works to be applied to the PlayStation version and (let's hope so) the Sega Saturn version.
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    Community release: Chill + more