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  1. Ryo Suzuki

    Non Casual Encounter for Dreamcast is on sale

    Or at least the Prologue! This is the officIal website: This indie visual novel/adventure experience includes an introduction, a preamble; in short: a prologue. It is not entirely a demo, although it actually functions to showing what the game is like. It is a...
  2. Ryo Suzuki

    Non Casual Encounter (Encuentro no casual), my Dreamcast game

    Update (12-220-2021): Is time to show you the official site and now it is on sale: If you prefer the link with banner: Remember digifile edition limited to 100 units. Thanks for the help. I hope you like it!! ---- I am developing this game for some...
  3. Ryo Suzuki

    Magic Knight Rayearth, we can't edit some images

    After the Panzer Dragoon Saga translation to spanish we choose this RPG to make another one. All the things seems go all right, I mean we have the full script translated, the ingame font hacked and all ready to make the insertion and then the patch. But we have the last problem, is the...
  4. Ryo Suzuki

    LOBO Genesis Unreleased - Community release

    We at SEGASaturno have a working prototype of LOBO for the Mega Drive/Genesis, an unreleased brawler settled up in the DC Comics' LOBO universe. Ocean was planning to release this for both the MD/GEN and the SNES in 1996, but it was cancelled for both platforms at the last minute...
  5. Ryo Suzuki

    Translation issues: Hacking the Panzer Dragoon Saga font

    Hello, we are a friends from Spain making a game translation Panzer Dragoon Saga to spanish lenguaje. Whe have the 100% of the script of the Disc 1 done, all is translated. And we understand and can modifiy the pointers of the text, no prob with this. Our problem is modify the font or the...