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    Fully Modified XboX FS

    XboX 1.6 -> AS5 used on cpu and gpu. Xenium SP ICE 200GB WD HD 7200rpm 8MB cache 2x Controller 1 Game holder Mech Assault 2 Fully Setup Software and Mod Bios(plug and play your dvd's with no kit :smokin: ) I am looking for 425usd shipped(insured with delivery confirmation) for this. It...
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    XboX Appraisal

    Hello, I have an XboX 1.6(2 controllers, and mechassault 2, Headhunter Redemption) with the following mods. Xenium SP Ice ModChip WD 200GB HD 2.5yrs warranty left I am upgrading the heat removal system of the box. It comes with all the bios's and dashboards you could want. I have some...
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    WTB: Saturn Stuff

    My GF is big into video games and I am attempting to win me a saturn off of :devil fleabay :devil . She's all pro Nintendo and the saturn is my sega love so I want to introduce her to it. I am looking for 2 light guns, mem card, vcd movie card(are these really jap saturn limited)?, 2 player...
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    Xbox Question

    Hey, Does the Xbox play vcd's and svcd's? It just seems silly if it can't atleast play svcd since every other dvd player can.
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    Looking For VCM Sdram

    i am looking for it as its time for a memory upgrade, and my cl3 pc133 just isn't what it used to be soo anyways i am looking at vcm dimms becuz my mobo supports it and it runs cooler than normal dimms.
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    Hmm Forum Idea

    i wonder how many ppl use null vote. Damned Love Hina post i tell you. Cool this is the :devil post 666
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    Cpu topic

    I know that most celerons handle getting bumped up to the original clock and I am getting a 1.4 based on the tualition core. Intel knocked it down to 100 instead of the original 133. but it still has as much onboard cache as the original P4s. Also at the clock of 133 the celeron is around...
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    i got a question for iceman. when is the store gonna be up and running in a month i seen almost ( ) that much progress. i really just wanna see the finished project and when i have some cash order something expensive from it.
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    Fav Current Generation System Poll

    take your pick, and for all of you neutral ground guys i put in neutral just for you. yea yea i know its evil spam type of thread but i have never done a whats your fav thread and well i wanted mine to be special.
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    advice on my new pc

    ok, i am looking at a nice custom built and i do mean custom who has can claim to have a pc that runs at about -18c or lower pc. but i have some concerns about its innerds. should i use dual or single cpu? which brand of hd's(always had luck with fuji's - maxtor = crap)? what type of hd's scsi...
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    i was at a msg board where everyone is 14+ and its dumb cause they are soo strick in censoring that you can't say hell damn shit without it coming out like **** **** **** like what is the point?? when did we learn those words i think i learned them way back when i heard my parents say em.
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    Pc bios eproms >:|

    K i need to find 256kb eprom for a pc-chips :smileyshot2 m726mrt. my board came with the wrong ep-rom well i got 2 my first one had the right eprom but the board was cracked so i sent it back and i got this one it boots but the bios is wrong so it always locks up. and i was wondering if anyone...
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    Cheap pc parts

    anyone know of good reliable webstores that are cheap and dun require a credit card???
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    Avatars and death

    anyone else notice any avatars dieing out by the end of the day??? eg: myname and jctango
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    Ami bios flasher needed

    can anyone give me the link to a good ami bios flashing proggy the one on pcchips site sux on rotten monkey nutz . help is needed
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    Inquiry that don't fit into the ftp sec too well.

    Inquiry that don't fit into the ftp sec too well. i can set up a linux ftp most likely as long as i keep my speed limited to around 3 up at 12 or 13kb/s. now for the but i have a total of 7 gigs of free space i want to host a collection of roms and bin/iso files for the sega systems but the...
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    anybody know where to get this awesome awesome compression proggie i have about 10 gigs of iso's and i need to compress em down even more.
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    I need to give thanx to who though?

    i got labelled and i like my label suits me. so i wanna thank who did it. so will the op that did step foreward so i can thank him.
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    Saturn Model 1 vs 2

    what are the differences between the two models and what are the benefits of each?