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    GameCrazy stores anger me!

    Well, a local gamecrazy store here sells used saturn games. But the douche people there just throw the cases away!! That sucks! Its just the manual and the game. Only one guy i talked to that works there saves the cases. He was telling me he just bought a saturn and likes it. So thats good. But...
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    Phantasy Star HELP!

    I just started playing phantasy star. I just started the game and i have no freakin clue what to do. I reached level 3 and my character is still week as hell. The only thing i can think of is to help the guy who was turned to stone by finding his talking dog. But i cant find him. HELP! Some one...
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    These titles any good?

    Hey, A game crazy store close to my house has some saturn games that i was gonna buy long ago, but the douche bag there told me they were all bought by one guy. A month or two later i come back and see that they were never sold at all. Anywho, here are the games i was thinking about picking up...
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    Where to upload files?

    I have a bunch of Sega Commercials to upload. 40 total. Mostley japanese ones, but great ones. Some of Saturn, some Dreamcast, and a couple xbox, and ps2 ones. I will zip them all together. How do you guys want me to send them to you?
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    Which Next Gen Console has the best party games

    I am always looking for multiplayer games cause I have at least 2 or 3 friends over constantly. I am having trouble finding new games that are good for party games. Right now all we play is halo over XBC. But i am getting tired of it. If ya vote, let me know what games you feel make that system...
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    Anyone want to buy RPG Maker II?

    I bought RPG Maker II, but it takes far to long for me to learn how to build my own games. I don't have the time to play it really cause i am working my ass off to start saving and paying bills. Its great if you take the time to learn how to play it. Anyways, It has barely been touched. I am...
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    Kingdom Hearts... Great freakin game!

    When this game first came out long ago, i thought it was dumb as hell and looked stupid. My friends bought it, said it was cool, but i didn't buy into it. It wasn't until my girlfriend just bought it for me, Greatest Hits, that i got to play it first hand. The game freakin rocks! It starts off a...
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    RFU switch is glitchy, can it be fixed

    My RFU switch on my Genny has a problem. It shows the picture and the sound but the picuter goes up and down like it has a tracking problem. Can that be fixed or do i just need to buy a new one?
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    Did i do good?

    I bought a model 2 genny with hookups, 2 controllers, and ten games. They are all complete but 3. The games were... TMNT: HH Jurrasic Park X-Men Hard Driven Indiana Jones Aladdin (cart only) Joshua: Battle for Jerico (cart only) spelling? Soccer game (don't remember which game (cart...
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    What kinda guy are you?

    I myself am an ass guy. :yum Though a nice set of hooters doesn't hurt. Time for a booty call!
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    AC Adaptor makes BUZZ noises!

    When i plug my AC adaptor in to the wall, weather its connected to my sega cd or genesis, it makes a buzzing noise! Why does it do that. Is it safe to use still cause i am affraid of something blowing up.
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    Sega Mega Mouse for trade

    I have a Sega Mega Mouse that i want to trade. I am looking for an Adapter for my Genesis and also a Genesis Model 2 AV output connector. If not, does anyone have 1 of the 2 items if not both to sell? The Mouse is brand new, mouse pad is still in plastic. The box isn't in greatest condition but...
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    What game releases are you looking foward to

    With E3 revealing new games for each system, what game releases are you looking most foward to in 2004. I myself have turned into a big xbox fan (i use to hate it!). And being that, i am dying for... Halo 2 Doom 3 Fable Metal Slug 3 As for the other systems, eh, i don't see anything worth...
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    Wahoo!! Just Graduated High School!!

    i just had my graduation yesterday! It was boring for the most part but it feels good to have graduated. Any who, now I will be off to college in fall and then moving to an art school to get a degree in Animation. I havn't been to the boards in a while either. I gotta catch up on all these...
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    Mario Kart Double Dash up for grabs

    OK, I have a mint copy of Mario Kart Double Dash. I want 2 GBA games for it. One of wich must be an RPG. Not crappy ones either. Or I'll Sell it for $40 plush shipping. If you are interested please PM me. If you need to see if I am a Legit Trader, Check out the SegaXtreme Message boards. I'm...
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    Looking for a good Baseball game

    Hey. What baseball game is really good. I am looking for a game equivilant to World Series Baseball 98 on Saturn. I loved that freakin game. And I am not a sports person. I don't want a really complicated game either. Any Recommendations? Oh yeah. Preferably on Xbox or PS2.
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    Mario Kart Double Dash up for trade

    :) Hey, i have a copy of Mario Kart Double Dash for Gamecube Mint condition. Great game but i don't have any friends that want to play with me, so its no fun. I want to trade it for a few GBA games. Here is a list of games I'm looking for. Final Fantasy Tactics (most important) King of the...
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    Game Cover Inserts

    Hey, I want to print out some Game Covers such As Metroid Prime for GC and Panzer Dragoon Orta because they didn't come with them when i bought them used. I can't find any sites and i have been searching with google. So far i have come up with a bunch of pop ups and dead links. Can anyone help...
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    WTB: Sega Saturn\CD Cases

    Hey, where can i go about purchasing Sega Saturn or Sega CD cases? I would like to print my own for the games i have that don't have any.
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    Baulders gate II

    Hey i recently bought Baulders Gate II and it seems a lot harder than the first one. Well when you begin anyways. Anyone else a fan of the PC series? Not the console ones as those are ok but nothing as compared to the PC ones.