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    Just got a Sega Teradrive

    I doubt there to many other places on the net that'll have any info or care about this. I came with nothing but the computer itself. Anybody have any technical info or know anything about it other than whats on the net in a couple webpages? I did sucessfully get dos 6.22 and windows 3.1...
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    I dumped the Laseractive Bios

    Hopefully it will lead to better things Get it while you can: Dumped my cd backup ram cart it has some mega ld gamessaves on it A picture of it running on Fusion, it crashes(...
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    10 Yard Fight to SportStation Long Read + Pics

    I got the cabinet about 4 years ago. I was driving by a arcade place and they were trashing games. I pulled over and asked them what they where doing and they said making space. They said I could have the games for free but I couldnt pick and choose I had to take all of them. I went a couple...
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    Mr. Kitties gonna die

    My cats 14 years old and he's stopped eating for the last couple weeks. I took him to a vet at Petsmart and he found a tumor in the cats gut he wants to do blood tests and surgery the whole things gonna cost maybe $1,000. On one hand he's like a part of my life almost like a child on the other...
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    playing gg on a sms

    I saw a video on youtube a few months ago with a dude playing gg games on his sms. I wonder why I havent heard much about this adapter, how much does it cost and where can you get it?
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    jamma boards

    Golden axe unencrypted $70 shipped Ninja Gaiden $65 shipped Rad mobile $80 shipped Final Fight $60 shipped some games on ebay last day at $1 last day...
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    Rgb on a scart tv

    ive been tring to get a supergun to work on a scart tv I have, to no avail. All I see is a dark black and white image. I have a xbox scart cable and it looks sharp. Heres the schematics:
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    I got married

    :banana anyways I got married to a women ive dated for the last year and a half and will be doing the ceremony and other bs at a later date well congrats to me.
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    Gamecube stuff $45 shipped

    one gamecube portable screen doesnt need externall power. One aftermarket gba gameplayer to gamecube adapter phantasy star online 1&2 condition ok the screen isnt the best quality reminds me of a big gamegear screen and is almost unplayable for multiplayer games like online timesplitters...
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    about my new town,28...-0-2172,00.html and also
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    Favorite Kubrick movie

    I just watched Clockwork Orange again for the third time got alot from it I hadnt before so whats your favorite Kubrick movie? have favorite one I didnt list ? Ill add it ...if I can
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    Trade sms games ????

    For trade I have Thunderblade Choplifter Bomber raid looking for shooting games and 3-d or card games or whatever you got. Lemme know what I have allready: line of fire trap/markmens shooting gangster town maze hunter
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    The citys gonna tear down my nieghbors house

    I feel bad for him but he owns three pieces of property hes currently living in the one thats going to be torn down. He refuses to sell any of them one of the houses is filled with antiquties I guess and he refuses to sell any of them. The house next to mine is probabley filled with all kinds...
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    New Star Wars trailer 3/4 of the trialer is old footage Blah :damn:
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    Gwen Stefani go kill yourself

    Ive heard two tracks off of her new solo album and they both suck teh azz . Gwen I think you have a big ego and withdrawing from your band and surrounding youself with yes people was a big mistake . This guy on aim sent me these links his bands pretty decent . Core 13 some mp3's
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    Least favorite next generation system !

    Again vote for your least favorvite system that you own ! I would have to say my Ranking latley from favorite to least : Xbox Dreamcast Gamecube Playstation 2 Why ? Playstation 2, has weak graphics no real widescreen or hd capabilities and the system is constructed very poorly and breaks...
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    Arcade games on ebay now

    Relief Pitcher Ninja Masters Mortal kombat 2 Skins Major Title 2 2 Crude Dudes Great Sluggers Final Round Boxing Combattribes Atomic Punk/aka (bomberman) Carrier Air Wing Soul Edge complete kit Tekken 2 Ver. b Mystic Warriors (4player) Sunset Riders(4player) The Xmen 4...
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    My restored Ms Pacman Mini Cab

    I restored this game a few years ago but never had the chance to play and it just got it out of storage a couple months ago so heres its story : I saved some cabs from being trashed and this guy saw me doing it and said he had a ms pac man that I could have for free but it was missing the...
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    Celsius 41.11

    Well this movie and others like it have gotten absolutley no media attention . Its the exact opposite to Michael Moores latest movies , its only 73 mintes long . It isnt edited as well the soundtrack is much weaker and there was less than a dozen people in the theatre also I noticed emiotions...
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    I wanted to make a website documenting the restoration of my house I bought a few monts ago but somebody already has the domain name doing the same idea . Any ideas ?