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    Did I just brick my Staturn with a Pseudo flash?

    I'm glad you got it working, the Saturn is truly a gem of a system with 100's of great games worth playing.
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    Voxel has make a Sonic Xtreme recreation running on the sega saturn

    That's a pretty cute April Fools joke right there.
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    initial D saturn vs ps1 thread

    Graphically, PS1 is quite a bit better, but gameplay wise and resemblance to the manga go to the Saturn.
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    Saturn Action Replay Plus 4M Auto Dual Boot Mod

    I tried this mod, and when the switch is in ground mode, all is well, but if it's in VCC mode, the console won't power on at all. I'm guessing there is something wrong with the switch I installed. Nvm, found the problem, pin 17 on the top Eeprom had a small solder bridge still connecting to...
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    Lunar 2 Eternal Blue translation preview v0.12 released by Mr Conan

    Is this still being worked on by chance?
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    Lunar SSS & SSSC MPEG Releases

    Sadly, I was having so much fun playing, I ended up getting past that point and saving over it, which I do apologize, and will have to go back through to get to that point again to recreate, but I can tell you, it's the only red chest in the area that can be accessed from both going through the...
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    Lunar SSS & SSSC MPEG Releases

    I've played through the regular SSS version with only one issue, there is a red chest in the tunnels under Mal's palace through the training area that can be accessed without issue from one side, but from the other, will cause the game to crash, verified by repeating the attempt to access the...
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    Translating Lunar Silver Star Story

    I tried both, but I got around it on SSS by simply having it create an ISO instead of a bin/cue, and the iso seems to work just fine, so I guess no worries. :)
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    Sega Saturn Patcher Discussion Thread

    I don't know if the issue is in the patch, or the patcher, but when I apply the 1.51 dub patch to my lunar image, the resulting cue file throws a invalid field in parameter error in imgburn, it appears as though the patch isn't providing the correct track indexing but I just don't know if it's...
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    Translating Lunar Silver Star Story

    I tried patching my game, but I can't seem to burn it, every time I try I get an invalid cue parameter error, it's like the patcher just isn't putting proper track indexing in the created cue files.
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    HELLSLAVE : Project Z-Treme

    Simply incredible.