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    Help..... me

    I have sent Aaron 3 games a few months ago, and he never responded. a little bit later, scorch makes a topic asking aaron where his games are, since me and scorch traded with him at the same time. Aaron said he will send them out the next week. So here I am 3 weeks later comstantly PMing him...
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    HOLY SH**

    wow, what a quick project.... about 2 weeks. By the end of the month we will probably have Metal Slug 2 running on DC. :cheers w00t anyway, I have a question on the games... I know that origional neogeo cd games work on it but do the u know whats work on it out of curiosity? PM me to answer...
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    who here wants to host my pics

    topic. also, you can look into my life :)
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    new dc games

    snk isnt going to port the atomis wave titles to dc are they :( Sure, Ps2 and xbox get them...... wait... hold on, they havnt officially announced it yet did they?
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    Images and Video of A next gen console game

    The game is called dark sector a video is here doesnt look that good to me, they ernt kidding when thay were predicting that the ps3 will probably have similar specs to xbox.... :damn:
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    Freaky, scary, satanic, TRUE!?!

    This proves it
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    Pics of a PSP game

    this looks great... alot better than i expected
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    3 dirty dwarves

    Where do i find this?? I TRIED E-BAY, BITCH
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    ok, i really want one badly I will buy or preferrably trade for this Here is my list of games for trade
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    Sonic adventure hollywood video edition

    ok, so i came home from philly classic with another copy of sonic adventure for some unknown reason... :cool: and it was different that my other copy of sonic adventure. it was the disk only that i bought. I noticed that on the disk it says not for resale. i put it into my dc and the title...
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    whos going to it? also, i have a couple questions 4 ice. 1) What r the swap meets like? 2)Are some ppl waliking around with backpacks full of gaming stuff? 3)Are there lots of dc and saturn games for sale/trade over there?
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    snk vs. capcom DC

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    Sealed copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 2

    I wanted to try here first before ebay. maybe for about 50.00
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    DC controller, Virtua fighter remix us and jap

    Here r some pics vf remix both of them for 15 shipped controller 5 plus shipping i will also accept trades
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    not the ones in the malls, i know they dont <_< <_< <_< but the local ones, do they have any?
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    has anyone tryed this?

    you know those ps2 controllers that hip interactive makes with the screen built into it. i was wondeing if the screen would work if u used it on a dc with a ps to dc controller thingy.
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    Ok, now everybody can stop asking me

    here is the story behind it watch the video of it, dont even read the article. Now, i wont get 4+ pms daily asking me what it is. :bow now, dont ask me about my new sig :P
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    sega master system rf unit and power unit

    Would a genesis rf unit and power unit work fine on a model 1 sms?
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    blazing dragon

    What other games are like this, because this is now my fav saturn games, and i havent seen a game like this for the saturn before.
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    Phantasy star online 3 music

    Go to The official site to hear it. its tons better than PDS.