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  1. Ryo Suzuki

    Twelve Snakes 3.0.0

    I see. Thanks.
  2. Ryo Suzuki

    Twelve Snakes 3.0.0

    It looks nice! Are you using Jo Engine?
  3. Ryo Suzuki

    Programming dor Dreamcast....

    Programming dor Dreamcast....
  4. Ryo Suzuki

    Non casual Encounter, my Dreamcast game

    I am developing this game for some years ago. I will try to finish it this 2020. Formally know as Project Bennu 'Encuentro no Casual' (i'm spanish!) is a indie and modest visual novel/adventure running in BennuGD for Dreamcast. It will feature traditional visual novel gameplay and adventure...
  5. Ryo Suzuki broken ?

    Sorry friend. We was having a problem with the server. Is working fine now, I hope see you there again. Cheers!
  6. Ryo Suzuki

    Magic Knight Rayearth, we can't edit some images

    Hi again guys! Finally our friend CUE make a custom util for us to compress/decompress. You can view it and download -includes source code- here: THANKS!!
  7. Ryo Suzuki

    Modchip question (20 vs 21 pin related)

    We have here: Regards!
  8. Ryo Suzuki

    Magic Knight Rayearth, we can't edit some images

    Hey! pretty interesting. Many thanks!! I think I am a bit missing at all :biggrin: but I think maybe some of our friends can use this valuable info to make it works... Thnks, you're great!
  9. Ryo Suzuki

    Modchip question (20 vs 21 pin related)

    Hmmm... I think the v2 chip can modify to work with 20 pins model 1 saturns.... You need the another chip, the normal one. And you know... mod the chip first to adapt it to your 20 pins configuration: I hope it help you.
  10. Ryo Suzuki

    Magic Knight Rayearth, we can't edit some images

    Sure, no problem. There is both (save and savestate from Yabause): Thanks for help, mate P.D: A friend from another spanish translation forum tell us this: "Each file seems to be a package like a container with a lot of...
  11. Ryo Suzuki

    RAW - Another World for Sega Saturn.

    Hello people. I can't download the beta 2, I have this message from rapidshare: Error This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times. This limit is reached. To download this file, the uploader either needs...
  12. Ryo Suzuki

    Community release: Werewolf

    Hey mate, thanks for posting here too :)
  13. Ryo Suzuki

    Magic Knight Rayearth, we can't edit some images

    After the Panzer Dragoon Saga translation to spanish we choose this RPG to make another one. All the things seems go all right, I mean we have the full script translated, the ingame font hacked and all ready to make the insertion and then the patch. But we have the last problem, is the...
  14. Ryo Suzuki

    LOBO Genesis Unreleased - Community release

    We at SEGASaturno have a working prototype of LOBO for the Mega Drive/Genesis, an unreleased brawler settled up in the DC Comics' LOBO universe. Ocean was planning to release this for both the MD/GEN and the SNES in 1996, but it was cancelled for both platforms at the last minute...
  15. Ryo Suzuki

    Help with SEGA Saturn mod chip install, please.

    Mmm... I think you have an old modchip. If I remember well I think we have a Saturn system gift from a friend from China with a modchip like this. Is possible you only need atach the data cable from the lector and the 5v from power supply. This chip don't need another wire to a mainboard...
  16. Ryo Suzuki

    Modchip install on a NZ Saturn

    Hello, don't worry. No problem. You only need 5v, don't matter how many pins you have (if you look carefully maybe yo can see 5v write in the side of the pin) Regards! P.D: Spiders like good machines :rock:
  17. Ryo Suzuki

    Translation issues: Hacking the Panzer Dragoon Saga font

    Hello again friends. Finally we make the release of the 1st CD a few days ago. You can download in our site: We have all the discs already translated but the 3 remaining are passing the beta test process. Many thanks to all...
  18. Ryo Suzuki

    Saturn USB DataLink - Final Rev

    This is great!! I suppose i'll buy one in the future ;)
  19. Ryo Suzuki

    Translation issues: Hacking the Panzer Dragoon Saga font

    Many thanks!! you're great man :clap: It is right to give him thanks and praise What odd thing that seems to a MegaCD BIOS compression :w00t: We have to modify the graphic, file. Seems no prob with this: We are working on it! Of course you appear in the credits of the translation...
  20. Ryo Suzuki

    Translation issues: Hacking the Panzer Dragoon Saga font

    Hello, we are a friends from Spain making a game translation Panzer Dragoon Saga to spanish lenguaje. Whe have the 100% of the script of the Disc 1 done, all is translated. And we understand and can modifiy the pointers of the text, no prob with this. Our problem is modify the font or the...