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    cover art
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    Video CD card FMV

    And Lunar Silver Star Story Complete. That's all...
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    sega saturn release lists

    On gamefaqs, you'll find japanese, us, and european games lists.
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    Sonic Extreme Demo Sold!

    Ingame pic, seem to be directly ripped from Christmas Nights, there's a present in it which let you play with Sonic.... I think it's just a fake...
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    SatHeader v0.5 is out

    Version 0.5 was buggy, doesn't work correctly with MODE1/2352 ISO (created with CDRWin for example...) it's now fixed with 0.51 update. Plus, I've add a new function to export all info to a text file. All my apologizes...
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    SatHeader v0.5 is out

    I've made some test, it seem this version of satheader have some problems with iso created wih CDRWin (BIN files)... sorry for that, I will repair that as soon as possible.
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    SatHeader v0.5 is out

    ??? version number is always at the same place...
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    SatHeader v0.5 is out

    SatHeader v0.5 is now available to download, here is what's new: - Support multi region patching, number of area you can patch is indicated. - SatHeader scan your file to search patching area. - Some minors corrections.
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    I make a Saturn Region Converter & Cuemaker

    I make a Saturn Region Converter & Cuemaker Try to burn an iso converted with your tool, and you'll see that it doesn't work... Change a letter isn't enough, go to offset 3588, some data here also need to be change...
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    I make a Saturn Region Converter & Cuemaker

    I make a Saturn Region Converter & Cuemaker Your program doesn't work properly, change region letter isn't enough to correctly patch a segasaturn ISO....
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    SatHeader v0.4

    >>>[/b]] here is what's new in this release:You can now create a CUE file to easily burn your ISO+MP3 and ISO+WAV image files. A peripherals list for each game is now available. (Thanks to Madroms). Quicklaunch Menu now...
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    New saturn guide on GameFAQs

    For information an original coverscan will be on SegaSaturn Covers soon...
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    Vampire Savior 4 MB Problem

    Is your cartridge workin' with others 4MEG games?
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    Dreamcast Cover Scans

    Grab Ikaruga covers here:
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    Saturn and DVD2SVCD

    SVCD use MPEG-2 encoding, Saturn VCD card only read MPEG-1... It can read only regular VCD, not SVCD.
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    playing import panzer dragoon saga

    Use this: Master Code: F6000914 C305 B6002800 0000 Boot Code: 06002EB0 0009
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    S-Video and the Saturn

    I have a Geforce 4 MX460, there is a S-Video TV-IN on it, so you can play any console with a S-Video cable on your monitor, that work fine. Just install NVidia Capture Driver from the CDRom and use a soft like FreeVCR to capture.
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    Post your Saturn collection...

    Airs Adventure (JAP) All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua (JAP) Atelier Marie Ver.1.3 (JAP) Athlete Kings (EUR) Atlantis (EUR) Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG (JAP) Baku Baku Animals (JAP) Baldy Land (JAP) Black Matrix (JAP) Burning Rangers (EUR) Christmas NiGHTS (EUR) Command & Conquer...
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    Is this game are ever released for Saturn?

    Willy Wombat: YES Conquest Earth: NO Fighting Force: NO Atlantis: YES Nanatsu Kaze no Shima Monogatari: YES NHL Breakaway: NO Sentient: NO Ten Pin Alley: YES Riven: YES also in japanese Nuclear Strike: NO, only Soviet Strike Micro Machines: NO Assault Rigs: YES Formula 1: NO...
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    modboard help..

    If you have oval buttons it's a Saturn Model 1, you can't mod it with this chip...