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    The usage of the stylus really engaged me, it's quite addictive. And a lot of the upcoming games look promising. I won't post a list because... well, I hate lists. You can make game lineup comparisons yourself, but I guess it just depends on your taste and needs/prefrences. Mario Kart DS...
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    Definitely the DS. You have to check out Advance Wars Dual Strike, Kirby Canvas Curse and soon Mario Kart and Animal Crossing, both wifi-enabled. The DS's 3D capabilities actually aren't that bad. Oh, and the New Super Mario Bros is looking fantastic. Mario Scan 1 Mario Scan 2
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    Some Satourne WIP news.

    Awesome. I think this is the most promising Saturn emulator.
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    Yeah, Myst was good but the loading times on the Saturn made it somewhat tedious.
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    Test your SMS/Saturn knowledge!

    I got a 20 on the Saturn quiz. Some of those sports ones... eh. I don't believe they qualify.
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    Segaxtreme on PSP :)

    I kind of like that font that's being used for the text. Anyone recognize it?
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    Samba stalling out on Suse 9.3

    That's actually the first thing I did (turn off the firewall). I will try to mount the shares from fstab. EDIT: That worked. It, you rock. Now I don't think I'll have to boot back to Windows for a long time :D
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    Samba stalling out on Suse 9.3

    Not that I know of
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    Samba stalling out on Suse 9.3

    I upgraded to Suse 9.3 from 9.2, it's really great but I'm having a problem with Samba that I didn't have before. Most of the Windows shares on another computer are accessible through Samba, but some folders will cause Konqueror to stall. I can't see a pattern though. The firewall is down on...
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    Do you own a Mac?

    I don´t, but I´d love to try MacOS someday. Just don´t have spare cash for such a vague curiosity!
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    How many nipples do you have?

    Just curious. I have four and I just realized it. Always thought that the extra ones were small chicken pox scars. Discuss. :D Link
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    Server Move

    Sounds hot.
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    No file system.

    The drive was only a data drive, so the computer is still thankfully operable. I'm trying to get back what I can, but if it's been destroyed then obviously there's not much to do. Nothing too valueable on the drive, but it's still a major inconvenience. I went into Mandrake's setup to use...
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    No file system.

    Actually, what's good is I don't believe it formatted over the NTFS partition. I think I might have seen something about Reiser. But that might have been mandrake (see, long story). This picture might explain something. Crazy stuff here. The more I look at this the more messed up it looks...
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    No file system.

    :( So, to make a long story short I tried to put SuSE 9.1 on this computer and I messed up. I have 20GB of data that is still intact and needs to be recovered (read: simply copied over to the other partition, it has to be possible). I've been looking for freeware all day long. Most programs...
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    More info on the making of Sonic The Hedgehog 2

    Agreed, I spent a fair amount of time looking around. Nice work.
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    Got an Atari!

    Actually, all branches of Goodwill are essentially autonomous, so each branch can have its own policies. We have a blanket no-retrun policy and all items are sold as-is. Go figure!
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    Got an Atari!

    We don't do refunds, returns or exchanges, so whoever accepted it back is fired. But congratulations on the good finds, I don't usually see too many good things in the realm of videogames.
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    Which Star Trek Engineer is your favorite?

    He's dumb. His only friend on the show is an android and every episode he says "coolant leak."
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    Images of Sega's New Football game!

    Images of Sega's New Football game! Too easy