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    Samba De Amigo

    The Samba Fan ones are coming, (the blue ones) so I'll fill you in on how fast they break.
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    Samba De Amigo

    That is good to know. I have some of those blue Samba fan maracas on order from Ebay for around 50 US dollars.. Hopefully the perform
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    Samba De Amigo

    H folks, I hope you were'nt expecting something exciting about the game. All you seem to have landed on is my plea for Sega Brand Maracas. Anyone have some for sale within the USA or, preferably, Canada? Don't use them any more? Are they just gathering dust in hopes that you might, in some...
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    Thanks, I hope all you folks enjoy it. Stay tuned for a trailer for the second coming up in the next month or so This banana guy is the absolute best :rockin:
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    hah, yeah I did post it last year as well. I got the site up and running, and assumed that there coulfd have been some of a turnover since last year.. I figured, what the hell. It's like that Black Eyed Peas song that was released as one thing, then a year down the road, re-released with a...
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    Oh come on, I cna't believe that only one person actually watched it.
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    Hey all, thought you guys and girls might like this movie some friends and I put together last year. Lots of video game references (musical, SFX and otherwise), wild cheeseball plot with wild cheesehead characters. It's crazy FSD video section The main page has some glory too...
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    So I reviewed the Phantasy Star Gen 2 soundtrack

    I was really impressed with the GBA port as well. The tunes stood out just as well as they did on the Genesis. I would have grinded my way through all three games had they not felt so dated. I don't think that too many people are even aware that PS G2 was released. I think that a game review...
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    So I reviewed the Phantasy Star Gen 2 soundtrack

    So I was bored and I wrote up a review to the Phantasy Star Generation 2 soundtrack. Check it out, it's in Word format. The Soundtrack itself can be downloaded in PSF format from For all of you not aware of how to listen to PSF files, there is a special winamp plugin on Zophar...
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    Shenmue 3 Ready for NextGEN

    Subtitles really drive me crazy. I like the original japanese voices, but I'd rather have english. SUre some of the dialogue doesn't sound quite right, but I would like to believe that the dub has recieved such a bad rep not only because of not so hot voice acting, but uncomfortable pauses...
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    I hate the standart Saturn machines

    I like what you've done with the place!
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    Bully Draws Protestors to Rockstars Front Doors

    Yeah, mine was a pretty lackluster arguement and solution; It just gets me frusturated to see a company like Rockstar that constantly shells out mediocrity gain so much fame and be so looked up to by gaming public. Throughout game history, I'm aware that there have been plenty of crap titles...
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    Bully Draws Protestors to Rockstars Front Doors

    I agree, get rid of Rockstar. The companies constant need to 'push of the envelope' on senseless violence and teenage male chauvanism deserves them a spot in a jail cell. It makes me sick to think that young men think it's hilarious to romp the hooker, give her the cash then beat her to death...
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    Phantasy Star Universe page updated

    We now have access to a section titled "World of Phantasy Star Universe" which contains three seperate headings: Guardians, Relics and Seed. Since the text is in Japanese, I am S* Outta Luck as far as translating it goes, although if there is someone who can, please do. I am aware that the...
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    In Flames, anyone like?

    Give "Strapping Young Lad a look". Less cheese, more humour, ten times the intensity. Ps, they are out of Canada, too! SYL HOMEPAGE
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    Sega Fantasy VI Here is an english version if you havent found one already
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    Phantasy Star Universe Details Emerge!

    What are you looking for? A blitzball playing blond surfer with overalls and a hoodie that reveals his belly? I agree with you that they could have done better. He is bland, but hey. So was Chaz. So was Rolf. This dude is just a new generation of generic. It's the personalities in the...
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    Sega Has ESPN No More

    The whole videogame industry is going to implode on itself within the next number of years. I think people will just lose interest. You won't buy Video games anymore, instead you'l buy "EA Entertainment" sponsored by Sony
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    Rent A Hero No. 1

    Yeah, I agree. I always wanted to play games like this, Segaga and hundred Swords.
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    Fight Shoot Die

    Hot Damn, check it out when you get home :>