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    Sonic Xtreme demo released

    History is worth more than money.
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    Found an X-Band Modem!

    I got mine off ebay. The box is tattered but its got rental stickers all over it. Some character! If it's possible to direct dial I'd like to try it.
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    Shadow Dancer Prototype?

    Total guess, but I'll bet it's wiped. Those look like EEPROMS, someone correct me if I'm wrong here at all. Normally they get wiped when exposed to ultraviolet light, at least the little window.
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    CD Access Lights on Model 2 Saturn

    One I just recently bought doesn't have the actual pad either, or even traces that should be there. I don't know the revision but I should be getting a chip from racketboy next week so I'll pull the revision then.
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    Resident Evil 4 hits PS2 in time for Halloween

    I like to mock the ps2 owners who discuss this game. "Isn't that the game several hundred thousand people finished on the GameCube several months ago with progressive scan and anti-aliasing?" It was also fun to mock them for MGS2:S where the XBox got that a few months early. Of course they got...
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    How long til our Saturns are all dead?

    I can't recall the number of times I used to hear about how our cassettes and tapes would be dead in X years. Most of them still work pretty well. The best we can hope for is someone to come up with laser replacements for our consoles, or prefected emulation. With the PS2 and XBox you can run...
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    Sonic 3D Blast - Dodgy Saturn CD or Rare beta?

    If it is something valuable then it will continue to retain its value. Just because I now have the ability to play something for free doesn't mean I won't be willing to pay top dollar for the real deal. If I had $2k id be searching ebay for a legit gd-r of Propeller Arena. Collectors always will...
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    Action Replay 4 in 1 plus not Saving

    Mine will allow me to backup saves, but putting them onto the saturn makes me impatient so I don't let it finish, assuming that it ever will. 5 minutes is far too long to wait. I can use its cheating ability just fine, just saving things takes forever and I tend not to want to wait past 2 or 3...
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    Action Replay 4 in 1 plus not Saving

    Mine does that too. I claim shitty programming and just don't try to save anything to it. Region free+whatever codes it already has onboard will have to do despite not having anything for Resident Evil and NiGHTS.
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    Model 1 Mod Chip status Thanks, but no thanks. I'll buy another model 2 before I go through all that.
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    Model 1 Mod Chip status

    Last I heard model 1 chips were nearly impossible to find and you couldn't use model 2 chips on 1s. Has any of that changed or are there work arounds?
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    Surround Sound

    Rather than post several times in each board I figured general would be the place to stash this. I recently heard there were a handful of SuperNES/Genesis games near the end of both consoles life games were released with surround sound support. Definately not discrete 5.1 but probably ProLogic...
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    Zyrinx Sega 32X Demo Tape (1995)

    Shame it doesn't seem to want to download.
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    Clockwork night: Pingin war

    Nice. Never heard of this game but hope it's as good as the one I have.
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    Sega Genesis Model 1 Region + Overclock Mods

    First, Gamefaqs doesn't allow for offsite linking. Second, I'm also looking for the overclocking mod. Shame the original site went down.
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    Save our gaming magazines

    MAY/JUNE 92 AUG/SEPT 92 NOV/DEC 92 APRIL/MAY 93 JUNE/JULY 93 AUG/SEPT 93 OCT/NOV 93 FEB/MARCH 94 APRIL/MAY 94 JUNE/JULY 94 DEC/JAN 94 Those are the issues of Sega Visions I have. Missing quite a few and hope to fill in sections sometime. I've also go all issues of ODM from maybe 5 or...
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    GG Master Gear

    I was tempted to grab a Master Gear thingamabob off ebay for the Game Gear and was wondering if it played SMS card games. From the images I've seen it only seems to have a slot for normal carts.
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    Repairing a GG

    What about getting dust between the plastic and lcd? Or is there something on top of the lcd preventing dust.
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    Bio Hazard Cut Scenes

    That delay is on my copy too, and it was a sealed copy when I bought it some 2 years ago. Both my model 1 and 2 have it as well.
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    Project L Unmasked Screen shots I've taken from my actual TV running BlueCrabs emu are on there. I've spoken to him and he doesn't know why he can get to the language selection and I can't. Maybe due to different bios revisions? For those uninformed...