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    Shadowrun for Sega CD

    Theres a ShadowRun for SegaCD? Holy ass, That rules!
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    sonic adv

    Dont dis knuckles
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    shameless people who clame to be "DJ"s

    Some remixing is more than that, but its not usually done by DJs... Kevin Shields does remixes and they dont sound anything like the original. Pop Quiz, What band is Kevin Shields?
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    Another daft question but...

    Mod board is you have a screwdriver and a soldering iron? You can even use tape in place of solder, but I wouldnt reccomend it. its almost a plug and play operation man.
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    senseless poll

    if your worried what she is going to say, she is probably going to say no...dont sweat it.
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    shameless people who clame to be "DJ"s

    here lets slow down the beat, yeah yeah, pan this fileter, yeah yeah...oh shit dude, I just remixed a a fucking DJ!!!
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    Pray for me

    I dont pray, but I wish you well, and hope your medication doesnt make you puke.
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    Recommended Games

    splatterhouse motherfucker.
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    What is love...?

    "I think that Cinnie put it best when she said "Love is just something that your mind makes up to rationalize your chemical attraction to someone." It makes love seam almost scientific, wether thats a good or bad thing im not sure, but its better then what most of you people are saying on this...
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    shameless people who clame to be "DJ"s

    Most DJs are dipshits who think they can spin...I cant, and I dont go around pretending i am a DJ because I have 2 turntables and a hit of X...its sickening...and it gives real DJs a bad rap because thats where most no-talents go...
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    What is love...?

    hahaha, what a hick you are... all I think of when I read this topic title is dont hurt me, dont hurt me, no mo'
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    Good anime

    mmmmm, Lain sountrack... I have been listening to Akira soundtrack rules, almost better than the movie.
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    To an extent, but how does it work when the fact that good/bad is all a matter of perspective?
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    Saturn Problem, PLEASE help

    check the connections, and that the chip and ribbon cable are did solder them right? Mine did that for a bit when I first installed went to the CD screen and those 2 green balls on the sides were acting like there was audio, when nothing was even going on...just uninstall it...
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    Non US Saturn Games

    Skank, your always so helpful, you must work at CompUSA.
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    Playing VCDs in my DC

    Where do I get a Saturn VCD card?
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    Non US Saturn Games

    I was just wondering what Saturn games are playable that didnt come out in the I dont mean anything about the region code, I mean ehat games do you not need any comprehension of Japanese, or games that are in english.
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    Good anime

    Serial Experiments: Lain
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    Sega Saturn Comp emulators?

    why not just get a freaking Saturn and burn games? Its the same concept but it is executed a littl bit better.
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    saturn need mod chip ?

    YEAH, Rata talks like hes in 5th grade at least... :)