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  1. dibz

    Sega Saturn Patcher Discussion Thread

    sounds like you should sprintf("track_%03d.whatever",...) those track names. :)
  2. dibz

    Saturn using transparent mesh look ugly but why model2 arcade look nice?

    What kind of screen are you using with the saturn? You said you were using an arcade monitor with the model2. Old games look way better on those types of screens compared to modern displays.
  3. dibz

    Timecop: The site is down, where did it go?!? Panic!

    This move will happen later today, within the next few hours. Please don't be afraid to contact me on discord if you have any issues with the site post-migration.
  4. dibz

    Restoring Save Data to Saturn - Can't Get Any Utilities Working

    Just a random thought, but is there a problem with the saturn itself? I'd test saving a game on the saturn itself, normally, if you haven't already.
  5. dibz

    Timecop: The site is down, where did it go?!? Panic!

    Just letting everyone know that a site migration is pending and will happen within the next week or so, so there will be a little site down time during the transition.
  6. dibz

    2022 compile yabause from window 10

    Most people use one of the two more popular Yabause forks, Kronos or YabaSanshiro. Both of these are current emulators originally forked from the Yabause code. You should theoretically have an easier time compiling either of these, or just download pre-built versions.
  7. dibz

    Stellar Assault SS English localization project

    This is almost surprising in how good that voice over is. Very good.
  8. dibz

    Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Saturn Translation

    Sweet! I went ahead and linked the resource to this thread too.
  9. dibz

    Satiator Rings - A replacement menu for Satiator ODE

    You could try the discord? start [Satiator Wiki] lists it.
  10. dibz

    Question about US Saturn with PAL games

    The only thing that can deal with the 50/60hz issue is a physical mod with a switch to your saturn, a cart won't help with this. As far as the video issue, I really have no idea, but I don't see why it would.
  11. dibz

    Translating Baroque

    Currently it's available to patrons only (any level) while the patch is still so early.
  12. dibz

    SDLoader v0.12: run binaries from SD Card and backup/restore saves

    On that note, if you create a resource, I can assign this thread as the "discussion" thread and it'll magic things together right.
  13. dibz

    usb or wifi/lan upload of EXEs possible ?

    Fenrir can sort of do it, if you use the webserver firmware. You wouldn't be able to upload binaries directly, but if you prepared disc images it'd load that over the network just fine. Otherwise SDLoader would work well. There are dev carts, but the ones with that sort of functionality I don't...
  14. dibz

    Graphics not fully loading on Sega Saturn

    I ran into the same SMD problem with my fenrir'd va0 jpn saturn very recently. I decided I didn't want to deal with the SMD caps and just bought a new fenrir duo to put in my NA not-va0 saturn. For me it was just the "black screen of death" issue.
  15. dibz

    SDLoader v0.12: run binaries from SD Card and backup/restore saves

    This is a super cool project. Great job!
  16. dibz

    Graphics not fully loading on Sega Saturn

    There are other people here way more technically minded then me, but to me it looks like your saturn hardware is starting to fail. Is this a stock saturn with a retail game, modded, using a "cart" for loading games, or? To me it looks like something on your physical saturn is starting to fail...
  17. dibz

    My current devkit for MD/CD/32X

    Maybe they're using Semver versioning? If that's the case, the major version bumps could imply they changed something that could break something.
  18. dibz

    Need help with setting up my tool chain.

    The discord is where most of the devs hang out, you'll get a way better response for this there.
  19. dibz

    Need help with setting up my tool chain.

    The quickest and simplest way to get started is by using Jo-engine. Here's a link.
  20. dibz

    sega saturn save converter

    Did you also try the other converter? I linked to it earlier in the thread. That converter does require windows with a newer version of .Net installed though.