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    Pic Request: Oval button 21 pin PAL systems

    Why the hell do you want to perform a 60 hz mod on an NTSC saturn? Your original 60 Hz is better than our pals' 50 Hz one. And he's right - there is no JP 2 on a Model 1 saturn.
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    Help me fix my Saturn…

    Actually, to answer his question, moving those "knobs" as he likes to call them, wouldn't actually stop your saturn from working. seeing as though I have increased and decreased mine several times to find nothing happen, so all I can advise him is to figure out what is actually the reason why...
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    Christmas NiGHTS (euro)

    I really wish we got more than one copy of it too - Probably go for quite a bit on ebay for those that didn't get it
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    Christmas NiGHTS (euro)

    Nearly everybody in the UK got Christmas Nights Free with SSM. That copy sold out the 1st week it hit the shelves.
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    Saturn Parts

    Hmmm... somebody is on the offensive side. Are you the one really selling those! [/b] lol. If those were PAL Saturn model 1 boards - I would be the one buying them!! But US boards wont work with my UK parts ...I think...
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    Shining Force: Weird Items

    Nope. The encounter wiht Jogurt in Alterone Castle is not a glitch. Plus, I think Chip is Khri's (the healer you talk to in alterones) Japanese name..
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    Saturn Parts

    So? You'd only need the board if that's all you damaged. So If it's a model 1 you've broken the Board on - then those will be great.
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    Shining Force: Weird Items

    lol The games been out since 1991 - and no one has found the Kindan no Hako. Just to let you know that you'd probably waste your time if you did that.
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    Shining force III: save the refugees!

    Aye - give the gale ring to Obright - he's the one that needs it the most at this point.
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    Mega Drive I vs. Mega Drive II

    /me agrees. Nothing can beat that MD1.
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    Shining force III: save the refugees!

    /me points Segasquad to
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    or - you can download trillian:
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    My CD Drive doesn't read my games? help!

    My CD Drive doesn't read my games? help! Use Gens - Better than Kega IMHO.
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    Cropped Image

    Any TV made from 97 onwards should be able to handle ntsc signals with ease....
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    Favorite Game?

    oooooooo.......ahhh....... Er....It's a tie between Shining Force 3 and Shining the Holy Ark. But if I REALLY have to choose - then Shining Force 3 would win by about 1/2 a point.
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    Cropped Image

    If you play a PAL game on a JAP Sega Saturn, some PAL games where optimized to run full speed on PAL machines so when played at 60 HZ some of the sides cave in a bit. You caninstall a 50/60 Hz switch to it if you want to you can play those pal games properly.
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    50/60 Hz Switch

    Well, just a thought I had conserning those of you with PAL saturns who want the 50/60 Hz mod for a MK-80200-50 saturn who when connecting the two JP 1 ports together just send it into 100 Hz instead of 50 (great for those with a 100 Hz tele) If joining the two Jp 1 ports together make it go...
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    50/60 Htz mod. HOW?

    Also - Apparently joining the two JP1 points on the very first type of saturn (Model 1 version 1 (version 2 was released a bit earlier in 95)) makes it run at 100 Hz - So If you have a tele that Runs at 100 Hz then you would have it running properly. But it probobably still run at 50 Hz only...
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    So are those votes for X-Men 2 or what?
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    Best Saturn Party Game?

    Any Capcom beat-em-up is always great fun to play in a group.