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    PAL optimized titles

    Sega Rally Guardian Heroes Sega Touring Car (Lol, game's framerate basically renders in unplayable to me anyway)
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    PAL consoles question

    Heh, we got PAL 60Hz on most of our games nowadays which is alot better than NTSC (Higher res and same refresh rate as NTSC :cheers )
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    Opinion: Best 3d Fighter

    Fighters Megamix was awesome. VF2 is a close 2nd for me though (Man graphics were AWESOME on that game back in the day, had awesome framerate too).
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    What Genny game had the best GFX?

    Does it really matter? fact is, it looks good, and thats what we are looking for
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    Was anybody else disappointed by Bomberman Online

    I dont think its anywhere near as good as Saturn Bomberman...
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    Model 1 vs model 2

    I like the first model more, Looks cooler in my opinion.
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    PSO + GBA and quests...

    When you go online, its possible to get minigames of Nights and Puyo-pop, if there are any others I havent seen them.
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    Christmas NiGHTS (euro)

    I renember picking that up with my issue of SSM, I spent HOURS playing that It was free and was better than some standalone saturn games.
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    New Dreamcast Game

    I saw Dreamcast dance mats on eBay, no converter stuff in the way...but the converters work fine anyway...
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    Saturn dev kit

    Sweet! You got a good deal there Can you post more pics of it? I'm so intrested in dev kits despite I cant afford them (I plan to get a Dreamcast one...may be a long while though!).
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    Meh, I'll stick to my Surround sound setup thanks Rez sounds fantastic on it, the graphics are awesome too, well worth buying. Also the difference between the DC and PS2 versions is that the DC one plays at 30fps and the PS2 one plays at 60fps.
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    Ahh Shenmue...I found it quite hard to get into, but the storyline kept me playing. Great game...
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    Altered Beast

    When I first got this I thought it sucked (Got it with my Mega Drive and Sonic 1), but as I played it more, I was compelled to complete it. So I did. So many memories...
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    Sonic The Movie Shows Today

    Good good Hope its done soon
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    Sega Releases Sega Arcade Gallery for GBA

    This cart is awesome. I love space harrier Havent played much of the other games though..
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    Windows Updates

    I use WMP9 and I have no problems with it...I have to keep the crappy visualisations off, they slowed me down like hell, even with my 2GHz processor
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    Sonic The Movie Shows Today

    Nah, I downloaded the whole file, but it was out of sync. Also the streaming one is out of sync aswell The 56k stream is in sync, but the pictures not very
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    Sonic The Movie Shows Today

    Yea, I noticed it was out of sync aswell, which makes it kinda pointless to watch Its a shame cause I REALLY want to watch this, cant find it on kazaa or anything <_<
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    sega has emulated the sega saturn but won't share

    sega has emulated the sega saturn but won't share Iceman says no tips for getting games to work better
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    sega has emulated the sega saturn but won't share

    sega has emulated the sega saturn but won't share It takes about 2 mins to load :| It shouldnt take that long, but it does. The game runs quite well once it loads.