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    best pc engine system i can buy?

    I totally disagree. I've had Duo units that I bought brand new, with not even 20 hours on them, and they quit working. The Duo is a cheaply made system, and pretty unreliable. The Duo-R is somewhat better, but still a Duo. My original TG16CD player, that I've had since 1990 still works perfect...
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    ac adapter for turbo grafx cd question

    These are perfectly attainable from for about $11. Using the wrong plug is not a good idea. Getting a new adapter is much easier than finding someone to repair the cd unit.
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    New Sega Soundtracks Added!

    Thats ok, I've always use IE, and its worked fine. Don't want to get into having to use another browser just for that. Thanks anyway though.
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    New Sega Soundtracks Added!

    This is all it says, whether I'm on the Sega, or Nintendo site: Something is wrong with the file download, maybe you should tell someone?
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    New Sega Soundtracks Added!

    I cannot get any of them to work anymore. I keep getting an error, suggesting I should maybe report it, which I'm doing.
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    New Megadeth

    I'm a long time fan of Megadeth, but even disregarding that, this is the best metal album I've heard in years. A few of the songs on this cd sound like they could easlity fit in on earlier albums, so its great to hear Dave in classic form again. After Metallica stupidly unplugged Kirk Hammit on...
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    Turbo Duo Laser Problem

    Nobody's asking about piracy here. He was asking about a Duo problem. I'm sure someone can replace the laser on it, if thats the way you wanna go.
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    Turbo Duo Laser Problem

    The Duo doesn't know the difference between "legit" and "non-legit" games. It reads them all the same, so shame on you for suggesting differently. The REAL problem, is just how the Duo is made, which was cheaply. I have 3 of them, that have all quit working for various reasons, so even if you do...
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    Where can I get a Saturn chip in the US?

    I bought my chip for my 21 pin Saturn from but they no longer carry them. Now I have someone else that wants to mod theirs, and I can't find anywhere in the US that has them. Anyone else know of a place?
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    Lunar 2 Eternal Blue

    Lunar Eternal Blue on the Saturn is a one disc game, same as the first one. Its pretty much identical to the Sega-CD version released in the US. The reason the PSX version is 3 discs long, is because of the improvements, additions, and enhancements that were added to it.
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    Steam Hearts

    I know how you can get a non-original one if you want it. Just e-mail me.
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    Converting a TG-16 unti to a PCEngine unit

    No, you can convert a TG-16 unit as it is with just some rewiring of the pin contacts. I have the diagram to do it, so I know it can be done, I just don't feel super confident doing it. I have 4 extra units, so wasting one is not too great a loss, I just thought I'd seen someone else here do it...
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    iron maiden

    I hope your not just figuring this out. They've been awesome for years.
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    Converting a TG-16 unti to a PCEngine unit

    I want to convert one of my Turbografx units to play Japanese cards. I know it can be done, but I do not have the confidence to undertake it myself. If anyone would be willing to do this for me, please e-mail me.
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    stupid question...

    No, the Supergrafx was a different system never released in the US. To play import Hu-Card games, you have to have a converter card. They are very hard to find though, and do not come cheap. At least $100.
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    TG questions

    If your main interest is CD based games, then either the original TG-16, or Duo units will play them fine. The big difference is the fact that you'll need the right system cards (2.0 or 3.0) for the original unit (which are near impossible to find), but not for the Duo. However, the original...
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    FT: Panzer Dragoon Saga

    I have a Duo unit I'd trade for it, but you wouldn't want it. It was bought new by me a few years ago, has less than 40 hours of use on it, and its already not working right. In other words, if your going to give up something as valuable, and good as PDS, make sure you get something decent for...
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    How I got the Duo....

    Your not gonna like this news, but you got the raw end of that deal. Sure a Duo has the built in system card, but they break down all the time. Everybody I know who has a Duo (which is a lot of people) have had one problem or another with it. The power switch breaks, or the drive motor quits, or...
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    Dracula x

    Welcome to the joys of downloading files. Now you know why I don't mess with it. A lot easier for me to just find someone that has it already on disc, and get it that way.
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    Price for a turbo grafx cd add on

    I would see if he'll take $50 for it. If he does, thats a steal. I found mine at a flea market, with the carrying case and system card and only paid $20 for it. I had to buy the power cable, and send it in for repairs, but its worked like a charm ever since. I figure I paid around $50 for mine...