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    Which is rarer - Orange or Grey light gun

    The grey one looked too much like a real gun, allegedly, so Nintendo were ordered to change it to something more colourful. Both are extremely common, but the grey is rarer
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    nothing planned for 2002 according to NOA

    I believe Tony Hawk's pro Skater 3 is listed on the EB site
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    This is only a future plan...for killing a dog

    Can you get the collar off it and have it reported as a stray?
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    sonic cd

    To get the 'Sonic made a good future in Act X' ending, you need to find and destroy a machine in the past. It's just a wreck in the present, so you can't destroy it then. It's hard to explain what it looks like - you'll know it when you see it (destroying it also destroys all enemies in...
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    No sound with Shining Force CD

    If people at least had the courage to admit that it's wrong and that they do it anyway, I might respect them more. As it is, they're just trying to justify theft by claiming that it's OK. Come on people, show some balls (er, best not take that too literally then)
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    Rarest Item and rarest original Sat Game you have.

    Let's see. My rarest? Probably: Game: Shining Force III complete (Sc. 1-3 + PD) Non-game: Official VCD card
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    No sound with Shining Force CD

    Here's another thought. You are so worried about people playing these game "illegally". And you say that if they can't afford to but them then they shouldn't be allowed to play them. Well, your sig says you have machines with 50/60Hz switches and country lockout & US/Jap/Eur switches on them...
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    No sound with Shining Force CD

    I buy them to own and play them - hell, qhat's the point of keeeping them on a shelf? (Actuall, mine are in drawrs:P) It'd just be nice if those people who actually fork out for the games had the advantage they've earnt over everyone else, i.e the ability to play the games. As I said, those who...
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    real life trivia... am i broken?

    To be sure, turn it on with no disc in and press nay button to go to the menu screen. Go to 'Memory' and select 'Format Internal RAM' from the menu. It should now work fine
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    No sound with Shining Force CD

    Not for them there isn't. I still have my investments to protect, and *it's still theft*.
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    No sound with Shining Force CD

    It's a very good example. Sure, it's a differrent set of rules, but they both boil down to the same thing - stealing another person's property, intellectual or physical, is both illegal *and* wrong (I do make a pronounced disinction between the two). Theft is theft - only those with at least...
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    No sound with Shining Force CD

    Only by those that can afford to - TVs were meant to be watching, but if ya ain't got the cash, that doesn't entitle you to steal one
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    No sound with Shining Force CD

    Oh no, I play the things, at least in theory. I'm up to [checks] £2220 worth of console games so far, excluding hardware and PC stuff. The figure including these is probably closer to £3.5k, so some of it has barely been touched other than to test if it actually works. I'll finish them all one...
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    No sound with Shining Force CD

    It's still wrong. People out there paid good money for the game, as others shouldn't get to play it for free. Besides which, it happens to be illegal, not that this bothers me at all since I only pay attention to those bits of the law I agree with:P My main points are: A) If people can play...
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    32X Issues

    Many people, myself included, have fixed their 32X problems by taking the lid off and checking the connections on the two ribbon cables inside. Try removing them and then putting them back in.
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    About my Avatar.

    Erm, so what was it, anyway?
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    Time Stalkers

    JJ the talking banana? WTF? *goes to load up DS*
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    longest time playing a game

    Ah - I'm worried now, seeing as how my *average* gaming session lasts about 6 hours (just played SA2B for the last 6), and playing for up to 9 isn't that unusual. My longest ever would be about 12 for Shining Force II the day I got it - am I some sort of freak? (This is a rhetorical question - I...
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    No sound with Shining Force CD

    He *could* try buying the game, but no-one around here seems to care about little things like morality:P
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    You can overclock an N64 as well